Zort unveils its own coin powering its new platform

The cryptocurrency market has surged in 2021 with an increased inflow of capital. Despite the recent general market correction, the crypto sector remains attractive for most investors. However, it is always challenging for investors to consistently make profits due to the market’s high volatility. Furthermore, investors face challenges to attain full profitability due to entry barriers and lack of security, among other factors.

In such an environment, high capital investors like institutions tend to lose in the absence of precise guidance on how to make profits. Therefore, Zort comes in to mitigate the situation and ensure traders make profits consistently from their trading. Zort is powered by the native token, the Zort Coin that aims to advance its mission of making crypto investment easier. 

What is Zort coin?

Zort Coin is the cryptocurrency that powers operations on the Zort trading network. Notably, the token works like any other cryptocurrency but comes with additional benefits besides buying and selling it. Zort Coin is designed to reward traders utilizing the Zort trading platform offering reduced fees and membership costs. The token’s nature means users can maximize profits even when the asset is staked. By holding Zort Coin, traders are eligible for 8% annual returns while saving up to 50% in trading fees. Furthermore, investors can grow their portfolios while utilizing ZORT’s trading technology. 

What does Zort offer to the crypto trading

The Zort ecosystem aims to eliminate the human bias in cryptocurrency trading by using the power of neural networks. The overall goal of Zort is to make cryptocurrency investing easier for both individuals and institutional investors

The network is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology which makes trading decisions easy while outperforming any human input. Zort processes millions of data points from observing human trading patterns and market volatility to maximize profits to arrive at the trading decisions. The data informs Zort’s automated trading offering. 

Zort deploys the Quantum Trading manager that executes trades simultaneously for immediacy. The feature suits high-frequency traders. Furthermore, Zort offers power stabilizations where the platform strategically halts trades when trading volume is low, and market signals are too weak. Elsewhere, Zort also deploys complex neural networks that harness a more complicated automated trading platform. As a result, the networks can retrieve and analyze market data instantly.

Institutional investors have mainly inspired the current cryptocurrency bull run. Notably, institutions are seeking platforms that guarantee them security. Zort’s underlying technology is centered on catering to this group of investors. In addition, institutions can leverage the data-rich algorithm to profit from the Zort trading network, especially now that Zort has been listed on Kucoin and the team has plans to list the token on five more top exchanges.

Zort recognizes that institutions are from diverse backgrounds and seeks to be a one-stop shop for advanced traders. The platform caters to non-bank individuals, entities, or organizations. This group is involved in trading high amounts of securities on behalf of their clients. Notably, Zort has built a reputation for dealing with institutional accounts over the years. Additionally, family offices also have a place on the Zort trading network through private wealth management advisory firms that serve groups of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals with assets of at least $30 million.

Zort also hosts wealth managers by offering investment advice, accounting, retirement planning, among other services. The platform also hosts venture capitalists and angel groups. 

Currently, most institutions have issues with trading equity. However, Zort is changing the game. As a result, investors can access an uncapped amount of trading equity, opening up access to further profit compounding. It is worth noting that institutional investors still enjoy the automation feature that guarantees a consistent and more profitable trading experience. 

Furthermore, Zort is also home to personal investors offering a fully autonomous trading algorithm and market capitalization strategies to outperform trading experts. Most individual investors are always skeptical about getting into the crypto space due to security concerns and the risk of losing money. However, Zort gives investors the power by allowing them to select their risk tolerance level, and the platform directly trades on behalf of the investor. Furthermore, the entire system is based on military-grade encryption alongside full decentralization that guarantees investor fund safety. 

The bottom line

There is no doubt the cryptocurrency market is profitable. However, the return a user gets depends on various factors, including knowledge of the industry. Unfortunately, most investors only make money inconsistently due to a lack of experience. Therefore, the Zort automated trading network is an ideal gateway for investors who want to profit consistently. Additionally, the ability to cater to institutions is a big step towards pushing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. In a nutshell, Zort ensures traders benefit in both bullish and bear market conditions. 

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