Valuart drops the digital original ‘spike’ by Banksy to mark its entry into the NFT art market

The 1:1 digital original version of the infamous ‘Spike’ artwork by Banksy is now up for auction. The exclusive NFT drop by Valuart features a unique CGI artwork and an aria by Italian tenor Vittorio Grigòlo.

‘Enhanced NFTs’ represent the new contenders in thriving NFT markets

As the NFT ecosystem continues to flourish, Valuart, a startup that mints licensed NFTs from original artworks, is taking NFTs in a fresh direction. The team behind Valuart reimagines physical art in a new way, producing 1:1 digital clones of original masterpieces while giving them additional context by collaborating with some of the best artists and creators.

To bring its innovative NFT concept to audiences worldwide, Valuart has dropped the first NFT from its series of exclusive forthcoming monthly drops. ‘Spike’ by Banksy, now live for auction, is a 1:1 NFT inspired by the renowned street artist’s original masterpiece by the same name. The physical artwork is currently owned by Vittorio Grigòlo, Co-founder of Valuart, who has decided to auction the first ‘Enhanced NFT.’ 

This one-of-a-kind collectible includes CGI artwork that showcases ‘Spike’ drifting across space as it makes its way to Earth before finally emerging as a newly minted NFT. In addition, the CGI artwork also includes a breathtaking aria by Vittorio. Valuart has announced that 50% of the auction proceeds will be donated to mark the first drop.

“I’m very excited about this new project. After months of hard work we can finally share with everyone what we created. I’m convinced that this is the future of how we perceive, admire and give value to art and artists.”, says Vittorio Grigòlo, Co-founder of Valuart, “This first drop is just a stepping stone that will pave the way towards a very exciting future! We wanted to support the NFT revolution by creating a platform that would represent the safe haven for artists and their art, art collectors and art lovers in general.”

Following the first drop, Valuart plans to continue organizing monthly auctions of NFT masterpieces, including an NFT drop on October 22nd of the Giubilar Mantle. Created by Stefano Zanella, the iconic “Mantum and the Stole” NFT represents Pope John Paul II wearing it on December 24, 1999, to mark the opening of the Holy Door of the Vatican Basilica.

Catalyzing the 21st century classical art revival & rebirth

Instead of selling historical paintings, Valuart seeks to create something new using blockchain and NFT technology. The platform positions itself as a multi-feature solution that reimagines the concepts and ideas of classical art. In addition to aiding artists and their work, the Valuart team is committed to providing a unique value-added solution for the art collection industry.

Valuart streamlines the process of art commercialization by curating select artworks, validating their authenticity, digitizing the art through NFT technology, and then adding high-end artistic crossovers to add new context by collaborating with artists. By doing so, Valuart facilitates collaborative efforts and adds more value for the creators and consumers alike by minting “Licensed NFTs” or “Enhanced NFTs,” which in turn empowers artists to open new revenue channels.

With its unique features and extended collaborations with prominent artists, Valuart has positioned itself as a symbiotic platform equipped to serve the interests of artists, collectors, and investors alike.

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