29.10 – MU Podcast – The Light of the Living

On this episode we delve into the fascinating world of remote healing and electric medicine. We explore the work of pioneers in this industry and the unusual techniques they use to heal people from a distance before discussing the peculiar similarities between remote viewing and remote healing. We tell the story of a woman who … Read more

29.09 – MU Podcast – Bats, Bombs, and Dirty Tricks

In 1942, Stanley Lovell, a respected industrial chemist, found himself thrust into a world that could have been pulled straight from a James Bond film. Leading a team of covert scientists, Lovell’s primary mission was to develop surreptitious tools and devices for the OSS, which later became the CIA. The team’s most noteworthy creations included … Read more

29.08 – MU Podcast – Outback Birdman

In this episode, we take you on a journey through the paranormal danger zones of Australia. We start our adventure in Kapunda, South Australia, where a ghost trap vortex is said to exist. Moving on to Victoria, we explore the mysterious crop circle farms and the high strangeness of the continent. Our next stop is … Read more

29.07 – MU Podcast – Contract with the Goddess

On this episode, we discuss the story of a man whose lifetime of trials and tribulations led him to a shocking event involving four hours of missing time in the wilderness. Initially, his family didn’t believe him, but they later experienced a series of odd events similar to those at Skinwalker Ranch. Shadow people, transparent … Read more

29.06 – MU Podcast – Italian Disco Abductions

On this episode, we explore a variety of seemingly disconnected experiences that collide into a very intriguing concept. We begin with the experiences of a psychic healer in Japan, who gained an unexpected talent for music which leads her into the realm of Ki and energy research. We then discuss the experiences of two Australian … Read more

29.05 – MU Podcast – Dante’s Initiation

This episode follows the journey of Dante’s divine comedy and an initiation into a secret school. Researcher Mark Booth discusses the Templars’ role in an initiation process, with tunnels beneath the Temple of Jerusalem, and the possibility of mastering a mystical school to allow for teleportation. Dante’s secret history is discussed, exploring the Florence Love … Read more

29.04 – MU Podcast – The German Triangle

The Missing 411 series has become a phenomenon itself, and the release of the new Missing 411: The UFO Connection film only further strengthens that. We take a close look at the superb new documentary and consider the astonishing cases of people disappearing in highly unusual circumstances. Could people be tagged by craft to be … Read more