29.21 – MU Podcast – Morlac Vortex

Prepare for an electrifying exploration of spirit possession and entity attachment, a controversial yet captivating topic in our modern society. Discover the intriguing experiences of individuals who have encountered hidden spiritual influences and delve into extraordinary cases, from encounters with spirit bears to intergenerational alien black holes. Brace yourself for a wild journey that challenges … Read more

29.20 – MU Podcast – The God of Chaos

On this episode we explore the emergence of a peculiar force that shaped a series of significant events throughout the 20th century, aiming to introduce a new eon and transform humanity. This enigmatic intelligence reached out to influential figures in the realm of esotericism, propelling the counter-culture movement, political ideologies, halucinogenic drug use, and even … Read more

29.19 – MU Podcast – Sky Abductions

Alien abduction scenarios usually occur in people’s homes or cars. However, in a few unusual reports, it seems that those traveling in aircraft are not safe from non-human kidnappers either. In this episode, we take a look at some highly controversial cases of alleged alien abductions from aircraft. We consider whether it’s a government cover-up, … Read more

29.18 – MU Podcast – Paul Wallis

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Paul Wallis, best selling author of the acclaimed ‘Eden Series’. He explores humanity’s ancestral stories and the true nature of the Bible before its association with an omnipotent God. The new book ‘The Eden Conspiracy’ uncovers evidence of ancient extraterrestrial contact, forgotten knowledge about human potential, and hidden … Read more

Aliens are Like Transformers, Bigfoot is a Paranormal Entity, Possible Life on Europa, Disneyland UFO and More Mysterious News Briefly

Betül Kaçar, an astrobiologist, bacteriologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, leads a NASA-supported consortium called MUSE (Metal Utilization & Selection Across Eons) which focuses on autocatalyctic reactions between metals which could cause chemical changes that transform them from inert elements to life forms – this is likened to aliens being a form … Read more

The Crimes Of Eli Weaver, The Self-Described ‘Amish Stud’ Who Planned His Wife’s Murder With His Mistress

Before his wife’s murder in June 2009, Eli Weaver had numerous affairs with women he met through online dating sites, where he called himself an “Amish Stud.” But only one mistress was willing to kill for him. The post The Crimes Of Eli Weaver, The Self-Described ‘Amish Stud’ Who Planned His Wife’s Murder With His … Read more