30.09 – MU Podcast – The 10ft Goddess of Liangzhu

Encounters with interdimensional beings are rare in the annals of UFO literature, and such cases in the East are even rarer. However, there is one extraordinarily unusual case from China that defies explanation. We discuss the story of Hongqi Forest Farmer Meng Zhaoguo, whose encounters with a strange tadpole shaped UFO led to invisible weapon … Read more

30.08 – MU Podcast – Mothman Raids Again

The saga of the Mothman that descended upon a small West Virginian town in the late 1960s is legendary. However, many people believe the phenomena abruptly halted with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The reality is that encounters with this enigmatic being continue to this very day, with people from all walks of life … Read more

30.07 – MU Podcast – Nkrumah’s Gold

In this episode we delve into the captivating untold story of a Ghanaian scammer who capitalized on post-independence chaos to weave a web of lies about missing gold, secret Swiss bank accounts, and a mysterious fund that held untold billions. Under the guise of releasing this fictitious fund, he swindled millions from unsuspecting investors, weaving … Read more

30.06 – MU Podcast – The Resurrection Men

As horrifying as the thought is, throughout history and up until very recent times, the risk of being buried alive was far greater than most would want to contemplate. So prevalent was the risk that in the 1800s, people would have themselves buried with all sorts of items, such as poison and handguns, and one … Read more

30.05 – MU Podcast – Canuck Cultists

Is it possible that demonic entities lurk in the background of the upper echelons of power, business, and entertainment? We delve into the story of a man who unwittingly fell in with an extremely secretive group of devil worshippers and encountered a battle of good versus evil that nearly destroyed his life. With only three … Read more

30.04 – MU Podcast – Saucers, Lies, and Videotape

A strange late-night encounter with a glowing object in the suburbs of Queensland piques our interest in the resurgence of UFOs across the Sunshine State. We take a look at reports of flying lights and their association with kangaroo and other mutilations before delving into other physical trace evidence cases of flying saucers. Additionally, we’ll … Read more

30.03 – MU Podcast – The Mini Gods of MU

To suggest that Darwinian evolution is flawed is academic suicide in the halls of educational institutions and scientific circles. However, Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., has bravely stood up to such a paradigm and provided a provocative challenge to the status quo. In this episode, we discuss her alternative theory that modern humanity did not evolve … Read more

30.02 – MU Podcast – The Dimensions of Lethbridge

We cover the extraordinary life and even more extraordinary theories of T.C. Lethbridge. The noted archaeologist and naturalist started to understand at an early age that he encountered more “bumps in the night” than most, and he wanted to understand why. We cover his theories and experiences surrounding telepathic broadcasts, hauntings, the true nature of … Read more

30.01 – MU Podcast – The Saurians of Auyán-tepui

We return for Season 30 of Mysterious Universe with a blast, traveling to the remote Venezuelan wilderness in search of hidden cities and dinosaurs. Could reports of sightings of a strange, dinosaur-like creature living on an isolated jungle plateau be real? We follow the adventures of a researcher who was determined to find out by … Read more

29.25 – MU Podcast – Flaming Plasma

Encounters with UFOs and their occupants can be terrifying and life-disrupting experiences. However, for many, after the initial horror, further close encounters can lead witnesses to believe that the beings have only the best intentions. Fortunately, there are some researchers who know that this is not the case. We will discuss the experience of a … Read more