31.16 – MU Podcast – The Great Crop Circle Hoax

Crop circles is a subject of heated debate among both paranormal enthusiasts and scientists. However, there might be deeper, more profound explanations lurking within our collective human experiences that could shed light on this mystery. Some individuals who admit to creating these hoaxes report experiencing strange occurrences, suggesting that a mysterious force influences them to … Read more

31.15 – MU Podcast – Gengha King of Dogs

Strange things are said to lurk in the seaside mist of England’s Cornwall—strange creatures, occult groups, and otherworldly entities are said to have covered the land for centuries. We discuss an obscured report of an odd video tape, mentioned in an old forum post, purported to show an occult group performing a strange ritual. Those … Read more

31.14 – MU Podcast – Psychic Pre-Crime

Psychic phenomena permeates many aspects of our lives; however, for some reason, it is especially apparent in crime. Whether it’s heightened emotions or human energy fueling tense events coupled with violence and revenge, the strange and unexplained is never far from these occurrences. We discuss some of these unusual happenings in the context of crimes … Read more

31.13 – MU Podcast – Psychic Brain Gates

Throughout the world, across numerous cultures, elongated skulls have been revered. Whether it’s a small isolated island in the middle of the Pacific or an ancient culture, the practice of elongating skulls is as mystifying as it is unexplained. The practice has led some to speculate that it was done to enhance consciousness and psychic … Read more

31.11 – MU Podcast – The Valley of the Dawn

An unassuming and hardworking woman arrived in BrasĂ­lia in 1957 to contribute to the construction of the new capital city. Yet, within two decades, she had established a spiritual metropolis that serves as the headquarters of a global spiritual movement. We explore the life of this mysterious woman and learn about the practices of the … Read more

31.09 – MU Podcast – The Flying Tantra

This show opens by discussing a seemingly beautiful coffee table book that turns out to be anything but. The seemingly innocuous cover offers no insight into the dark sexual side of Tibetan Buddhism that we encounter. We venture into a world not often discussed and almost never seen, full of magic, secret powers, and levitations … Read more

31.08 – MU Podcast – Apparitions of Time

It is only natural to want to put a strange experience into a category. See a human form materialize in your home? Well, it must be a ghost, right? What about running into a strange glowing cloud and experiencing missing time? It has to be a UFO encounter. Perhaps, however, what if it’s something natural, … Read more

31.07 – MU Podcast – Saucers of the Abyss

This Episode is Audio-Only What lurks in the deep? The world’s oceans, lakes, and waterways have always held a strange allure, teasing us with their shadowy aquatic mysteries. If an extraterrestrial civilization were to establish itself on Earth, the ocean would be somewhere they might want to hide. It’s out of the way of human … Read more