New Jersey’s Emlen Physick Estate – One of America’s Most Haunted Houses

An old Victorian house museum in Cape May, New Jersey, has been referred to as one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Emlen Physick Estate houses an 18-room mansion that was built in 1879 by famous Philadelphia architect Frank Furness for Dr. Emlen Physick.

Dr. Physick lived in the mansion with his widowed mother Frances Ralston as well as his aunt Emilie Parmentier. Even though he was a doctor, he never practiced in the profession. Instead, he owned two tenant farms, bred animals, and raised livestock. He obviously made a decent living as he was the first person in Cape May to own a vehicle – a 1915 Model T Runabout. The mansion was saved from being demolished back in the 1970s and the ghosts are allegedly still very active.

As one of the most haunted houses in the entire country, it is said that Emlen Physick Estate is home to numerous spirits that include pets. In fact, paranormal encounters at the location have been reported for several decades. The ghost that makes itself known the most is the doctor’s aunt Emilie who has been seen smiling with great energy, according to psychic medium Craig McManus who wrote, “This is a ghost who knows everything that is going on in her home,” and that she is always around watching what is happening. There have been reports of a ghostly woman wearing vintage clothes walking throughout the house – is it the doctor’s mother, aunt, or someone else?

Mr. McManus went on to say that the spirits of the doctor’s dogs are wandering around the mansion as well. Apparently his mother did not allow the dogs in the house; however, Aunt Emilie let them into the home when Mrs. Ralston wasn’t around and she even made their dinners in the kitchen. The dogs must have enjoyed their limited time in the house as they are allegedly still there in the afterlife.

Other paranormal activity includes hearing the sounds of a child talking (the management team captured the voice on an audio recording), and being touched by an unseen entity.

It is said that after Dr. Physick, his mother, and his aunt passed away, nobody else could tolerate living in the home for any length of time because of all the ghostly activity.

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