Man Snaps Several Photos of Possible Bigfoot Near Kentucky Lake

During a recent trip to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, Jared Arnett witnessed something incredibly surprising and was able to snap several photographs of it. His pictures show a bipedal creature walking along the water and it does look quite similar to a Bigfoot.

The Somerset Insider Facebook page posted the photos and in their caption, they quoted Mr. Arnett by stating, “At first I thought it was a grizzly bear, but once I got a better look at it I realized it was definitely a Sasquatch.” The caption also read that the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is analyzing the pictures to determine their authenticity.

In the meantime, you can decide for yourself whether or not Mr. Arnett did indeed capture photographic proof of Bigfoot as his photos can be viewed here and here.

There have been numerous alleged Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky over the years. One of the more recent encounters involved a man with a gun. Approximately two years ago, a couple who was out camping was woken up in the middle of the night by a man stating that a Bigfoot had destroyed his camp and then went after it in the woods with his gun. Shortly after, the couple heard gunshots so they decided to pack up, head back to their car, and call law enforcement.

Then earlier this year, it was reported that very surprising DNA was found while the Expedition Bigfoot team was out investigating Kentucky’s Appalachian highlands. The team collected samples of eDNA (environmental DNA) from soil that was underneath a large tree structure and further analysis revealed that there was primate DNA.

Miroslava Munguia Ramos, who is the project manager at the UCLA California Environmental DNA program, explained in further detail, “Pan troglodyte is a species of chimpanzee, which you would not see in the areas you’re at. It’s a real head scratcher. It’s important to note that the higher the detection, the more confidence we can say that whatever organism, whatever taxonomy we’re looking at was apparent in the area. And in this case, we’re looking at the Pan genus, or the chimpanzee genus…. there’s 3000 reads.” What’s even more astonishing is that the Pan troglodyte species lives in the tropical forests of central Africa.

Based on the sightings as well as the surprising DNA, perhaps Kentucky does have at least one Bigfoot roaming around and just maybe the photos that Mr. Arnett took were of the elusive creature.

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