Jeffrey Dahmer – The Milwaukee Cannibal

Jaffrey Lionel Dahmer is also popular as the Milwaukee Monster or the Milwaukee Cannibal. He was an American sex offender and serial killer who has killed 17 boys and men from the year 1978 to 1991.


The crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer’s great fantasy, recurring since his adolescent sexual awakening, was to have a lover over whom he could exercise “total control” and have him by his side for as long as possible. But he was unable to do so by consensus, so his standard procedure – or as he called it, ‘his plan’ – was to pick up a man, take him home, drug him into unconsciousness, kill him, have sex with him.

In addition, he used to take pictures of the whole process: the police found in his apartment 83 Polaroids with different phases of the dismemberment process.x

His first two murders happened unplanned. The first, at the age of 18, took place when his mother left him home alone for weeks and led to the materialization of another fantasy: picking up a hitchhiker and exercise full control over it.

So, he took home a handsome hitchhiker and they shared joints and alcohol until he wanted to leave and Dahmer stopped him by killing him with a barbell.

The second time, 8 years later, it happened unintentionally since he took a lover to a hotel room and found him dead next to him in the morning. Either due to excess alcohol or a dissociative state, Dahmer was not aware of having murdered him although the responsibility was evident because they were in bed together and he had defensive wounds on his arms.

From then on, he gave in more and more frequently to his impulses: he committed two other crimes in 1988, one in 1989, four in 1990, and eight in 1991, until he was arrested in July.


The police failed more than a fairground shotgun

Dahmer was able to be detained on numerous occasions but the lack of police expertise allowed him to continue his necrophilic orgies. For example, after killing and dismembering his first victim, he set out to take his remains, which he put in three large garbage bags, to a landfill.

But on the way, two police cars stopped him because he was stepping on the continuous line. In a situation of maximum stress for Dahmer, he was able to remain calm and by asking what he was carrying in the bags he was able to convince them that he was going to throw out the trash. But beware: all this happened at 3 in the morning and the car gave off a nauseating smell of a decomposing corpse.


We never suspected anything, always said hello when throwing out the trash

Quiet and somewhat shy, Dahmer was a very polite man who spoke calmly and displayed a rare charisma. He had quite an attractive physical appearance (tall, blond, blue eyes, in good shape) although he had a strange gait with his arms close to his body that was accentuated by his drooping shoulders.

It is not surprising that those who are guided by the saying “the face is the mirror of the soul” were greatly disappointed when his atrocities came to light.

And, let’s face it if you ring the bell and through the peephole, you see Charles Manson with his insane gaze and a swastika tattooed on his forehead, surely they would not open the door. To add insult to injury, the same neighbors who were not suspicious of Jeffrey’s nice man thought he was cooking tripe when he boiled human remains to separate the meat from the bones.

However, several women offered themselves to Dahmer in marriage to the attractive and angelic image that he displayed in his court appearances.


Alienated or not alienated, that is the question

Either because he was finally able to abandon the double life he led or because the evidence against him was indefensible, Dahmer pleaded guilty to 17 crimes.

The point was, he pleaded guilty but alienated, while the prosecution sought a conviction of guilt without alienation. Under the laws, where there is no death penalty, the difference was that, although Dahmer was never going to hit the street again, his confinement would take place in a mental institution if he won the defense or, otherwise, in a correctional facility.

I am not a racist, in fact, many of my victims are not black:

Dahmer used to be outraged when he was called a racist because most of his victims were black. He wanted to make it clear that he had nothing against blacks and if he killed, raped, tortured, etc. to men of this ethnic group it was simply because they were the most numerous in the gay bars where they moved when their murderous activity raged.

Let’s not confuse things, he came to say: call me anything but racist, please.