Great movies based on true crimes

Man has long offered us epic human adventures. Tragic or memorable, these stories also made the heyday of cinema.

Adapted for the big screen, films inspired by true stories are often the most gripping. Involved in the story, the spectator watches them as a witness to the action.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the 10 films inspired by true stories that have marked the cinema by establishing themselves as references of the genre, which we advise you to see at least once in your life:


1. American Sniper – Clint Eastwood (2015):

Chris Kyle is one of the best marksmen of the American army, sent to Iraq. He is so gifted that he is given the nickname “The Legend”. But back in the country, “normal” life struggles to regain its course.

Project much discussed in the United States, there is nonetheless a success still signed by Clint Eastwood, with a Bradley Cooper who managed to make us forget his comedic escapades from “The Hangover” during this film.


2. Conjuring: The Warren Files – James Wan (2013):

Ed and Lorraine Warren have been revealed to the general public for having, by order of a judge, investigated the notorious “owned” house in Amityville. 

True investigators of the paranormal world, the only couple mandated by the church in the 1970s for (in particular) exorcisms, this first film reveals the underside of one of their most terrifying cases. So, if you doubted it, the forces of paranormal exist and this movie will keep you awake for a while.


3. The Wolf of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese (2013):

The film chronicles the rise of the wacky trader Jordan Belfort in the 80s on Wall Street when traders were considered the kings of finance. The role of Jordan is perfectly interpreted by Leonardo DiCaprio whether in his most serious moments as in his excesses.

On the program: Sex, drugs, alcohol, and rock’n’roll during 3 rhythmic hours, filmed by the great Martin Scorsese.


4. War Dogs – Todd Phillips – August 3 (2016):

Two friends in their twenties, more used to smoking joints than to working, will succeed in winning a large call for tenders posted online by the Pentagon and grab an order arms worth 300 million dollars, during the second Iraq war, in 2007. The contract? Arm the Afghan soldiers. But the mission will put them in contact with disreputable people, some of whom are even part of the American government.

Jonah Hill (Efraim) and Miles Teller (David), led by director Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”), deliver a completely crazy and hilarious performance in this film inspired by a story larger than life. 

War Dogs mix action film and comedy, as if “Lord of War” had been directed by Judd Apatow more turned on than ever. Fans of comedy and action will be in heaven.


5. Once Upon a Time in America – Sergio Leone (1984):

Once Upon a Time in America spans different periods in the history of the United States, notably from the 1920s to the 1960s, from Prohibition to the highest levels of the United States. 

Don’t stop at 4:11 of the film! Admittedly, it lasts a long time and seems inaccessible, but the young Robert de Niro and the general direction are well worth the detour. And the music of Ennio Morricone is a feast for the ears.


6. Malcolm X – Spike Lee (1992):

The story of the black American leader of “Nation of Islam”. His childhood, prison, his faith, his marriage, and his murder. Just the mention of Denzel Washington’s name should be enough to convince you to see this biopic of an essential character in American history.


7. The Last Samurai – Edward Zwick (2003):

The Last Samurai is a free adaptation of the events of the revolt of the Satsuma samurai clan in 1877 against the Imperial Japanese Army.

Tom Cruise delivers in this film a fabulous and convincing interpretation of his role as captain of the United States Army.


8. Catch Me If You Can – Steven Spielberg (2002):

Frank Abagnale Jr is the most famous forger of the 1960s. The film is about how an FBI agent, Carl Hanratty, stalked him for years before he caught him. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks appear at the top of their acting game in a fast-paced, exciting, and stylish ’60s chase that pleases the eyes.


9. Aviator – Martin Scorsese (2005):

Aviator tells the story of American billionaire Howard Hughes, industrialist and pioneer of civil aviation, from his glory to his loss. A portrait both magical and mysterious, of this multifaceted seducer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who should have won an Oscar for his game (but that is up to us).


10. Into the Wild – Sean Penn (2008):

Christopher McCandless, 22 years old, freshly graduated and very bright feels a lack of surprise in his existence which pushes him to hit the road leaving everything behind. Realization of actor Oscar winner Sean Penn, Into the Wild is a hymn to freedom. Carried by the music of Eddie Vedder, it will give you a love of the great outdoors.