Ghost Nun, SpaceX Spaceballs, Stolen Sasquatch and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 20, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — September 20, 2021

During the parachuting descent of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission, mission specialist Chris Sembroski watched the movie “Spaceballs” on a tablet attached to his spacesuit, which Elon Musk later tweeted was his on of his favorite movies. And his favorite quote was probably Lone Starr saying to Barf, “Listen, we’re not just doing this for money. We’re doing it for a s*** load of money!”

Experts from the Paris Brain Institute found that when people listen to stories, they subconsciously synchronize their heart rates with the narrative and each other. Don’t try this with your medical school roommate while listening to a lecture on hearth attacks.

A nature photographer on a walk in Lesueur National Park near Jurien Bay in Western Australia’s Mid West accidentally discovered a new carnivorous sundew flower which uses its leaves to attract, capture and swallow flies and other insects. Horticulturalists working to come up with a name warn that it’s extremely rare but haven’t decided yet if it’s musical or movie worthy.

In a new study, food experts cooked 3D-printed foods in conventional ovens and with lasers and found that laser-cooked meat shrinks 50% less, retains double the moisture content, and shows similar flavor development to conventionally cooked meat. This won’t catch on until you can use a laser sword to make grill marks on your 3D steaks.

Bigfoot bandits stole a huge Sasquatch statue from outside Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and the owner is offering a no-questions-asked reward of $1,000 and a free sandwich for its return. If it was stolen by a lovelorn Bigfoot looking for a sex doll, that’s a tough decision.

Freddy Goodall, a 23-year-old property developer from Sussex, England, found a hidden doorway in his family’s 500-year-old estate which led to a previously unknown secret labyrinth of underground tunnels. Do secret tunnels add to the square footage and raise your property taxes?

A photo taken just outside an old Civil War army hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shows what appears to be a ghost that some people think belongs to a military nun from the Civil War. Military nuns probably carried yardsticks that doubled as shotguns.

Researchers at the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology are analyzing a 50-milligram rock sample obtained during the country’s Chang’e-5 lunar return mission to determine if it contains the helium-3 isotope, which could be a viable fuel for fusion power plants on the Moon. If the idea of human-designed nuclear plants on the lunar surface doesn’t bring out the giant Moon people stomping on every lander they can find, nothing will.

A Wyoming woman appears to have caught a case of the rare pneumonic plague from one of her house cats. That strange whooshing sound you hear is the collective “Tsk-tsk” from dog people.

Experts at Statistics Netherlands announced that while the Netherlands remains the tallest nation in the world, Dutch women born in 2001 are on average 1.4 cm shorter than those born in 1980, while for men the decline is 1 cm, and while they’re not sure of the exact cause, most think it’s due to poor nutrition. Good luck getting the Dutch to add kale to their hot cocoa.

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