29.17 – MU Podcast – Past-Life Trysts

Have you ever experienced an intense feeling of déjà vu? What about feeling like you know someone you’ve never met, or being able to navigate an unfamiliar place with an inexplicable sense of familiarity? If so, you might be recalling memories of a past life. In this episode, we explore some of the most unusual … Read more

29.18 – MU Podcast – Paul Wallis

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Paul Wallis, best selling author of the acclaimed ‘Eden Series’. He explores humanity’s ancestral stories and the true nature of the Bible before its association with an omnipotent God. The new book ‘The Eden Conspiracy’ uncovers evidence of ancient extraterrestrial contact, forgotten knowledge about human potential, and hidden … Read more

29.15 – MU Podcast – Feng Shui Fail

Encounters with spirits that have not “passed on” can be frightening and upsetting. For those of us with little experience dealing with such entities, the intrusion of a spirit in our homes or workplaces can lead us to seek assistance from those who have expertise in banishing them. In this episode, we will explore the … Read more

29.16 – MU Podcast – Le Serpent Rouge

Situated amongst the supernaturally inclined and beautiful hills of the Pyrenees sits potentially one of the greatest mysteries of recent times. A tiny village in the south of France holds a mystery reluctant to be revealed. In this episode, we discuss the affair of Rennes and consider the discovery of a strange relic that holds … Read more

29.13 – MU Podcast – MILAB Mirage

The topic of alien abductions is already controversial, but it becomes even more contentious when you delve into the small subset of cases that relate to MILABS or the alleged involvement of the military in these experiences. We will discuss the theories surrounding reports and hear the stories of people who claim to have been … Read more

29.14 – MU Podcast – Poseidian Playboy

In this episode, we delve into the mystery of Atlantis revealed by an occult classic from the late 1800’s. We explore the writings of a young man who claimed an advanced being, who once resided in the fabled city, channeled through him a enigmatic text that offers invaluable esoteric insights into the legendary civilization. From … Read more

29.10 – MU Podcast – The Light of the Living

On this episode we delve into the fascinating world of remote healing and electric medicine. We explore the work of pioneers in this industry and the unusual techniques they use to heal people from a distance before discussing the peculiar similarities between remote viewing and remote healing. We tell the story of a woman who … Read more

29.07 – MU Podcast – Contract with the Goddess

On this episode, we discuss the story of a man whose lifetime of trials and tribulations led him to a shocking event involving four hours of missing time in the wilderness. Initially, his family didn’t believe him, but they later experienced a series of odd events similar to those at Skinwalker Ranch. Shadow people, transparent … Read more