30.24 – MU Podcast – Christmas Creepers

Join us for a very special Christmas edition of Mysterious Universe. As 2023 comes to a close, we celebrate the festive season with a review of the unusual, strange, and downright insane from the year. We also explore the new Fairy census and chat about reports out of the US and some of their uncanny … Read more

30.22 – MU Podcast – Wrath of the Ice Goddess

Come on an adventure to macabre archaeological sites on this episode as we explore mysterious locations and modern mysteries. We travel to India and investigate an unusual collection of bones said to be connected to a wrathful goddess and Greek theosophists. Then, we hear controversial stories of cannibalism and consider the influence of dark beings … Read more

30.23 – MU Podcast – The Abductee Enforcers

With the recent explosive whistleblower testimony regarding the government’s knowledge of UFOs, crashed craft, and ET interactions, you could be forgiven for thinking that the decades-long agenda of cover-up and secrecy is finally coming to an end. However, it’s possible that nothing could be further from the truth, especially if extraterrestrial intelligence itself is responsible … Read more

30.21 – MU Podcast – The DXM Dimension

The use of hallucinogens is inherently fraught with danger, both physically and mentally. Yet, there are those who wish to explore the psychedelic realms for both research and enlightenment. Some choose more mainstream substances, but there are more obscure alternatives. We discuss the experiences of a man who took high doses of DXM to reach … Read more

30.20 – MU Podcast – Cult of the Earth Goddess

The renowned researcher Berthold Schwarz once said, “Psi is a bucking bronco; you cannot know which direction it will take.” This is absolutely true for the woman we cover in this episode. She attends a breathwork workshop only to suddenly realize she is speaking in a strange language. After seeking guidance, she discovers she is … Read more

30.18 – MU Podcast – The Spirits of Antiquity

On this episode we hear firsthand accounts from archaeologists who have openly shared mysterious and supernatural experiences during their explorations. From encounters with mystical beings to observing peculiar light forms in ancient structures in distant locations, we unveil the supernatural and enigmatic facets of their work and the unexplained elements of their experiences, shedding light … Read more

30.19 – MU Podcast – The Sphere of the King

Secreted in subterranean slumber, well below the Alps, is said to be a series of ancient humans awaiting the return of a dangerous space enemy. We stumbled upon a rather obscure Italian report that is unlike anything we could have expected. For this episode, we discuss the story of a brilliant Italian engineer who developed … Read more

30.17 – MU Podcast – Giants of the Solomon Islands

Off the north coast of Australia lie the enigmatic Solomon Islands. Said to be haunted by a supernatural presence, stories of wild entities and glowing forms have been whispered about in paranormal circles for years. Yet few know how strange the islands really are. For this episode, we consider the experiences of a number of … Read more