6 Best Mobile Apps For Trading Crypto on The Move

The twenty-first century offers many opportunities. These opportunities are, most times, accessed on the go. It holds for web3 technologies. Mobile cryptocurrency trading takes center stage as the adoption of cryptocurrencies and their allied technologies rises.

The need for mobile applications has also increased as two population segments depend on their mobile phones for just about everything: Generation Z and Millennials. Top-rated cryptocurrency apps hold sway. Here are a few cryptocurrency trading apps that rule the space. 

Pionex Offers HODLing and Trading Crypto on The Go

Many cryptocurrency traders are always on the go and rarely have the time to access their cold cryptocurrency wallets and trade simultaneously. Pionex offers traders the best of both worlds by trading while HODLing and keeping their cryptocurrency tokens secure. 

This strategy uses the Pionex grid trading bot, which does all it can to keep up the value of traders’ cryptocurrency tokens. Cryptocurrency traders have to always be on the watch for massive market moves, so they can monitor the bots’ trades on the go. Traders can use Pionex to trade cryptocurrencies for both Binance and Huobi. 

Coinbase Makes Trading Crypto Easy

Coinbase is one of the oldest cryptocurrency trading exchanges around. Founded on 20th June 2012 and still going strong, Coinbase offers access to traders by web, IOS, and Android. 

Once traders are verified, exchanging crypto for fiat after trading is easy, as Coinbase offers a slew of options for traders.

Coinbase has also contributed to cryptocurrencies becoming a part of popular culture as it garnered investors with its IPO valuation of $86 billion last year. 

What separates Coinbase from the rest of the pack is its ease of use. Everything within the Coinbase ecosystem looks simple from the word “go”. It has turned many newbie traders into pros who learned the ropes while trading with Coinbase. 

Atani Offers A Lot of features Under The Hood

Atani is one of those crypto trading apps that offer more than meets the eye. Atani offers traders access to over 20 cryptocurrency trading platforms via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). So, even if web trading becomes an issue, trading via Atani never is. 

Atani also offers other tools within its interface that make it a traders’ favorite. They range from real-time TradingView to portfolio tracking and even tax reporting. 

Via crypto exchange aggregation, Atani also offers low trading fees for those traders who open an account on the platform. Atani is one of those cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer cryptocurrency traders everything they need in one place. 

Robinhood Offers Zero Commissions

Robinhood has made a big splash in the cryptocurrency space with its zero commissions and do-it-yourself model. Everyone is aware of “the Robinhood effect” where traders on the platform have had a mass effect on the prices of assets while acting en masse. 

With access to a wide range of cryptocurrency assets to trade from, Robinhood gives just about anybody the tools required to profit from the cryptocurrency markets. 

Binance Offers a Wide Range of Cryptocurrency Pairs

Founded in July 2017 by Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Binance has become one of the world’s favorite cryptocurrency trading platforms. The unique advantage has more to do with flexibility than with anything else. 

Binance offers one of the widest range of cryptocurrency pairs to traders. It has led to “the Binance effect” where a cryptocurrency token rises in price because of being listed on Binance.

Binance also offers other products ranging from options to its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, making it a crypto mecca of sorts. That kind of flexibility has kept traders glued to their screens every time they trade on the Binance platform. 

E-Toro Gives Traders a wide Range of Trading Options

Founded in 2007 and with over 12 million traders on its platforms, E-Toro offers traders many pickings to choose from. They range from Contracts for Differences (CFDs) to leverage. E-Toro allows traders to profit despite market conditions.

E-Toro also has a social component that allows traders to improve their trading strategies while discussing within the community. 

Traders can also use copy-trading to make profits through E-Toro, thus allowing newbies to use experienced trading strategies.

What Does 2022 Hold For Cryptocurrency Traders?

This year, real traders will stand out from the rest of the pack. Traders with the risk appetite, understanding, and guts will win regardless of which direction the cryptocurrency markets go in. Cryptocurrency trading as an activity itself will go mainstream as institutions continue to dip their toes in the space. The invention of new instruments will increase price volatility and liquidity. 

World governments will also make up their minds (finally) about cryptocurrencies and their allied technologies, giving fuel to the already exploding industry. 

So while there are HODLers “holding on for dear life”, the guys who will gain the most are those traders who have the guts to trade and win. The traders will be the new stars of the cryptocurrency space. 

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