26.25 – MU Podcast – The God Kings

Commonly assumed to have been wiped out in one terrible cataclysmic event, Atlantean civilisation may really have survived in different forms well into historical times. Could the survivors of this terrible destruction have spread out to other parts of the world and attempted to kickstart a new golden age of humanity? We discuss a new theory that suggest the colonies and outposts of Atlantis left behind hidden knowledge which made it way into modern times through secret societies.

Then for our Plus+ Members we catch up with some old favourites and hear how Jesus is making 11th dimensional love, California managed to avoid a “Nukaki” and what to do when you become infested with a sex demon.

Strap in for a wild end of 2021 show. We will back with a new Plus+ season on the 11th of January and regular season on the 14th!


The Empires of Atlantis: The Origins of Ancient Civilizations and Mystery Traditions throughout the Ages.

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Linda Moulton Howe – Secrets of Antarctica and The Extraterrestrial Presence
Section K Agents
Emergency Alert: Nuclear Semen Plant About to Explode
Nuclear Fallout in California From Japan’s Nuclear Explosion
Entire U.S. Western Half Could Have Drowned in Radioactive Semen
Jesus, Perfection in 11-Dimensional Lovemaking
Leviathan Spirit
SHOCKING – Woman was married to the wrong Husband
Mysterious Fog
【ももクロMV】サンタさん / ももいろクローバーZ(MOMOIRO CLOVER Z/SANTA SAN)

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