26.20 – MU Podcast – Richard Dolan

The great Richard Dolan joins us this week as we discuss his appearance in the new documentary film ‘The Observers’. Dolan shares his perspective on the UAP taskforce and the recent developments in the UFO secrecy before we branch into trans-humanism, the 21st century “gleichschaltung”, and a potential exit from the totalitarian path we are seemingly set on.

We continue the discussion for our Plus+ members and ponder the theory of an alien invasion occurring without humanity realising. We also hear stories of alchemically induced immortality, vampires and incidents of narrowly avoided deals with the devil.

The Observers Documentary

The Observers
The Observers (Trailer)

Richard Dolan

The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth
Richard Dolan Members
Incredible UFO Roundtable featuring Richard Dolan

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