26.09 – MU Podcast – Dr. Bindelof’s Blueprints

In the early 1930’s a group of young outcast boys were brought together in their scientific interest of the unknown. However they quickly descend into a world of spirits, dangerous entities and other psi encounters when they start speaking with the dead. A strange entity calling itself Dr. Bindelof rears and instructs the boys to create a psi microphone with results that could not be imagined.

We also have a look at the fascinating story of a telepath who helps a wide variety of animals seemingly in need of care. From stopping baboon rampages to chatting with a disgruntled leopard this story will amaze you.


THE SPIRIT OF DR. BINDELOF: The Enigma of Séance Phenomena
Mediumship Rosemarie Pilkington on the Bindelof Case
The American Society For Psychical Research

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