26.05 – MU Podcast – Sexually Transmitted Tulpas

Though ridiculed and often dismissed, the concept of spirit possession is taken seriously by numerous dedicated therapists who have had direct contact with this unexplained dark facet of psychology. We chat about some of the more extreme cases of alleged spirit possessions and hear just how out of control they can get. From sexually transmitted Tulpas to auric ET implants, the hidden landscape of the psyche is more outrageous than you can imagine.

We also hear of the mafia like tactics allegedly employed by big pharma to cover up terrible side effects and learn why the statistics behind many modern scientific theories may be completely wrong in our Plus+ extension.


Thirty Years Among the Dead: The supernatural is only the natural not yet understood
The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession
Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body
Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual
The Shamanic View of Mental Illness
Case 373 Alien Experimenter Interference

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Too good to be true? Why science and medicine are in the throes of a replication crisis
Nonreplicable publications are cited more than replicable ones
Bernoulli’s Fallacy: Statistical Illogic and the Crisis of Modern
The Relationship between Probability and Inferential Statistics
Peter C. Gøtzsche: Death of a Whistleblower and Cochrane’s Moral Collapse
Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare
Oval Media
The Psychology of Totalitarianism with prof Mattias Desmet
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