A Plausible Reason Why UFO Disclosure Won’t Happen

My previous article was on one of the reasons why government agencies have failed to give all of us definitive UFO Disclosure. In that article I suggested – in a specifically theoretical fashion, I should stress – that the truth might be too terrifying for us to handle. It was a theory that more than a few people have bought into. Namely, the idea that our souls are being “farmed” by the black-eyed aliens of Ufology. Of course, it’s just a theory and shouldn’t be seen as anything else, at all. Unless, that is, hard evidence surfaces – something that hasn’t happened yet. There is another angle as to why we haven’t got UFO Disclosure. It’s a scenario that most people probably don’t think about. It’s the theory that government’s don’t give us the full story because, really, they actually haven’t got a clue as to what the full story is! So, as they are as much in the dark as we are, they do very little when it comes to government-public discussion. It’s not an implausible picture. For example, consider the following:

Let’s say that within the heart of the U.S. government there are a lot of photos, footage, testimony from pilots and so on, that, combined, are incredible, and all in relation to UFOs. Maybe, there are even the remains of several, dead alien creatures, all preserved and hidden in a vault in one of the deeper levels of Area 51. All guarded with deadly force, of course. So, you might wonder: what’s preventing disclosure? Why not just got ahead? Well, I can think of one reason. A very important thing. Let’s expand on what I said above, and say that the government does know there is a real UFO phenomenon from somewhere else; but that same government has no answers. Imagine that the government really did get its hands on a few dead aliens back in 1947. But, that after more than seventy years of trying to get the truth of Roswell, the government has not been able to go any further than autopsying one or two, and preserving the rest. The government has no idea – in the slightest – as to where the aliens are from. And the government doesn’t know what the agenda of the aliens is. And, even worse, what if not even a single bit of progress has been made when it comes to trying to understand the alien technology?

(Nick Redfern)

If that really is the truth of the matter – namely, that those in government on the UFO programs refuse to tell us the full truth because of what they don’t know, rather than what they do know – then everything comes together. I’ve never really understood why there is this widespread belief/assumption in Ufology that “the government knows it all, but won’t tell us.” Why should the government know? They’re not all-knowing gods. And why should they tell us when doing so would only reveal the government’s vulnerability mixed in with its ignorance of the subject. Imagine, theoretically, the day comes when the Roswell bodies are reeled out for the world to see (hopefully on CNN, rather than on the you-know-what scum-channel). In no time at all, journalists are shouting questions at the government, all demanding answers. And all the government can provide to us in response – and in front of the world – are one or two of those bodies, a bit of wreckage, some photos and…well, that’s it. Not a single, solid answer. No knowledge concerning where they came from. No knowledge concerning their plans.

(Nick Redfern)

So, rather than tell the public that the government doesn’t really know much at all about UFOs – apart from the fact that, yes, there’s something going on – the government says as little as possible. But, that same government does it in a fashion that makes it look like the various agencies are on top of things (hence the widespread media coverage of the last few years). In reality, however, I have a nagging feeling that, yes, the government has got a lot of data, but very little of it has ever helped the government to understand the truth of the presence, of the entities among us, and of their plans. Or, worse, of their plots.

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Alleged Tic Tac UFOs Recorded Near Space Force Base

On June 4, 2021, the Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, was renamed Buckley Space Force Base, the home of Space Force’s Space Delta 4 unit. Shortly before that and continuing to the present, a man living close to the base has been photographing UFOs, particularly Tic Tac UFOs, and posting videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram. Are they related? Is anyone else seeing them?

9/18/21 10:59am this is a clip of the f16 flying near this ufo i filmed 3 miles away from space force

This is not balloons on a string the string would be moving around all over the place i saw this clearly with my eyes and i have no idea wtf it is. A f16 flew by it as well at 8:35 time stamp start watching and space force doesnt respond to balloons and its not a weather balloon it was big also the string never moves in the wind.”



The Daily Sun broke the story of Jason Suraci, a resident of Aurora, Colorado, who has been watching and recording UFOs day and night for at least six months and posting them with time, location and commentary on this like size, proximity to planes and other objects in the videos, and his own speculation on what the UFO might or might not be. In particular, he seems to be aware that many of the UFOs look like balloons – either weather or party – and points out characteristics that shoot these theories down like a deflated Mylar birthday present. He is also aware that these are occurring near Buckley Space Force Base, although not over it as was reported by The Daily Sun.

Buckley Garrison’s Mission and Vision


Our Vision and Mission clarify our path forward and solidify our organizing purpose as a combined, total force Airmen and space professionals (military, civilian, and contractor) in the Buckley Garrison:


Vision: Space-focused warrior Airmen ready to dominate today’s fight and tomorrow’s challenges.


Mission: Deliver unrivaled combat support to our Joint mission partners and Allies, enabling uninterrupted missile warning, intelligence, and cyber operations.

(From the Buckley Space Force Base website)

Are these UFOs aircraft from the Space Force at Buckley Space Force Base? Buckley Field was built in 1938 as a bombing range, was an Army Air Corps training school during World War II, became an inland Naval Air Reserve Station after the war, and became an early participant in space defense in 1969 when the United States Air Force began development on the Defense Support Program ground station there — the Defense Support Program operates the reconnaissance satellites of the Satellite Early Warning System. Buckley is also the home of the Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Fighter Wing. In 1996, Air Force Space Command activated the 821st Space Group space warning mission and in December 2001, a new Defense Support Program and Space-Based Infrared System ground station was activated.

Emblem of Space Delta 4

If the Buckley Space Force Base is the home of the Space Force Delta 4 Unit and has such a long history of manning space early warning systems, it would make sense that the base would be testing systems to identify, track and respond to UAPs like the Tic Tac UFOs which seem to have snuck up on the USS Nimitz and other naval vessels, outmaneuvered U.S. aircraft and allegedly baffled experts trying to determine if they’re made by humans on Earth (and if so, from what country) or aliens. If that’s the case, then Jason Suraci of Aurora, Colorado, may be witnessing the actual Tic Tacs (if they’re ours), captured Tic Tacs (if they’re from another country), reverse-engineered Tic Tacs (if they’re from aliens) or something else. What does he think?

If your interested in really good affordable paratemporal gen 2 night vision binoculars check out the link below. Most of my videos are shot on paratemporal gen 3 PVS7s its not the same as the binoculars. The binoculars are almost as good as gen 3 PVS7s.


While he’s obviously enthused about UFOs and posting the recordings of whatever it is he’s seeing, he also uses the opportunities to plug a line of night vision binoculars so others can help him out. Is he in any danger from the military for posting these videos? If he hasn’t been contacted yet, probably not. Why hasn’t anyone else reported them? Good question. What are these UFOs? If this were an isolated incident, the usual bugs-birds-balloons theories would apply. However, this seems to have been going on for months near a major Space Force and space security base. This is something that requires more investigation.

No wonder he’s looking for more people with night vision binoculars. Be careful out there, Jason.

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Ghostly Photo Captured at Ireland’s Haunted Moore Hall

When paranormal investigators recently explored Moore Hall in Mayo, Ireland, they captured what appeared to be an apparition in one of their photographs. After hearing creepy stories from locals claiming that the building is haunted, the Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSI) team decided to check it out for themselves.

Moore Hall was built back in the 1790s by George Moore. According to local legend, Mr. Moore was told that the area around Muckloon Hill was cursed by a Druid named Drithliu who was killed in the year 400 AD; however the wealthy merchant decided to build the hall anyway. That may not have been the best idea as not long after he moved in, he suffered a stroke which left him blind. In 1798, his son John served as President of Connacht for a very short time but was arrested by the Lord Lieutenant and was sentenced to death but it was later reduced to a deportation order. When he was waiting to be deported, he died as a result of injuries that he suffered while in custody. Not long after, his father George also died. The brother of the following owner whose name was George Henry Moore died in a horse racing accident. Then in 1923, the hall burnt down. Needless to say, Moore Hall was rumored to be cursed.

Moore Hall (Via Wikipedia)

In addition to the curse (possibly caused by the druid), the ruins of the building do have a long history of paranormal activity. There are claims (although unconfirmed) that at least one child died at the hall and perhaps that is why so many people have heard kids singing and laughing. Some people have heard doors slamming shut and were left trapped in the hall as they couldn’t get out. Shadow figures have been seen moving around and some visitors have felt as if something was watching them. Additionally, a terrifying serpent-like monster called a Peist is rumored to inhabit the waters in nearby Lough Carra.

“Visitors to the cursed site describe ominous sensations…” “…The woods themselves that encompass the fallen noble home are said to have an oppressive and foreboding silence within them.”

Moore Hall (Via Wikipedia)

With all of that paranormal activity, it’s not surprising that a ghostly figure was allegedly caught on camera. But you can decide for yourself as the photo that the PSI team took of the creepy figure can be seen here.

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This 120-Million-Year-Old Flashy-Tailed Bird Had His Choice of Females

Based on recent analysis of a prehistoric bird, it was considered quite sexy with a very alluring and incredibly unique tail. This newly identified bird, which has been named Yuanchuavis kompsosoura, was found in the Jehol Biota which is located in the northeastern part of China and is a well known spot for fossils being well preserved in volcanic sediments that date back to the early part of Cretaceous Period.

The Yuanchuavis kompsosoura fossil dates back approximately 120 million years and belonged to a group of birds that were called enantiornithes. Measuring about the same size as a blue jay, it would have been quite spectacular when it was alive as it had beautiful tail feathers that probably worked well in attracting mates, but would have been annoying to fly with and may have possibly made it stand out even more to predators. Its tail was exceptionally long with two plume feathers that made up over 150% of the length of its body. At the end of its tail, there were short feathers that made up a stiff fan-like appearance that would have helped it to fly.

Yuanchuavis kompsosoura was about the size of a blue jay.

Interestingly, other birds that belonged to the group of enantiornithes would have had either tail fans or plumes but none of them except for Yuanchuavis kompsosoura had both features. In a statement, Min Wang, who is a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, went into further details regarding the unique tail of the Yuanchuavis kompsosoura, “The tail fan is aerodynamically functional, whereas the elongated central paired plumes are used for display, which together reflect the interplay between natural selection and sexual selection.”

Jingmai O’Connor, who is a paleontologist at the Field Museum in Chicago, explained how the beautiful tail would have helped the bird in attracting mates, “Scientists call a trait like a big fancy tail an ‘honest signal,’ because it is detrimental, so if an animal with it is able to survive with that handicap, that’s a sign that it’s really fit.” “A female bird would look at a male with goofily burdensome tail feathers and think, ‘Dang, if he’s able to survive even with such a ridiculous tail, he must have really good genes.”

With that being said, it’s not surprising that the researchers who analyzed the fossil described Yuanchuavis kompsosoura’s tail as being “bizarre”. O’Connor noted, “We’ve never seen this combination of different kinds of tail feathers before in a fossil bird.”

The Yuanchuavis kompsosoura became extinct around 66 million years ago at the same time as the dinosaurs. A picture of the fossil and an image of what the Yuanchuavis kompsosoura would have looked like can be seen here.

The study was published in the journal Current Biology where it can be read in full.

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The Weird Case of Bigfoot, Mysterious Murders, Weed, and a Sasquatch Documentary

Bigfoot stories have remained the bread and butter of cryptozoology for some time. These accounts and tales have been with us for decades, and take all manner of shapes and sizes, always posing questions for which we have few answers. Some such stories really take us into a strange place, and one of these is that of a documentary filmmaker who pursued Sasquatch to go hurling off into a bizarre tale of danger, mysterious murders, a criminal underworld, and weed.

In 2018, documentary director Joshua Rofé had dinner with a friend of his, and during their conversation it was suggested that he listen to the podcast Sasquatch Chronicles. At the time, Rofé was not interested in Bigfoot or cryptozoology at all, but his friend insisted he listen to just one episode and see what he thought. Soon after this dinner, he sat down to listen, thinking it was going to be a bunch of nonsense and that he would hate it, but he was immediately hooked. One episode led to 11, and during his listening spree what really caught Rofé’s attention was not whether Sasquatch really existed or not. It wasn’t the creature itself that fascinated him, but rather the reactions of witnesses, and he would say in an interview with Io9 of this aspect of the cases and how it planted a seed for a documentary idea in his mind:

I was not really hung up on whether or not I believed the details of the stories; that was almost beside the point to me, because I had become almost overwhelmed by the fear that was the through line amongst all of these people telling their stories. They were terrified in a way that I thought was authentic, and I thought that was fascinating—specifically as a person who, going into this, was in no way a Sasquatch believer. The visceral fear that they were expressing really hit a nerve with me. So I spent a few days, maybe a week, just sort of in my own mind doing this dance of “I think I want to make something that is Sasquatch-centric. I don’t know if it’s a doc, scripted, or what. Then an hour later I would say, “I can’t do that! That sounds ridiculous!” But then I got to this point where it was just clear to me that I wanted to find some kind of a story that was set in the world of Sasquatch, if you will. And so for about a week, I was just going back and forth in my head about, well, I’m going to make a Sasquatch something. I just don’t know what that would be. And then what I arrived at was, well, what if I found a murder mystery that was somehow wrapped up in a Sasquatch story? That could really be something special.

At this point it was just an idea he was bouncing around in his head, and there were no concrete plans moving forward. It just sort of dwelled in the back of his mind as a spectral project he might one day get to, but it would come to the forefront when he had a very interesting conversation with a friend of his named David Holthouse. A journalist by trade, Holthouse had a reputation for rather extreme undercover work in his reporting, having gone deep undercover with neo-Nazis and meth heads, and other unsavory characters in his quest for stories, and although he had plenty of wild tales to tell, one in particular would capture Rofé’s attention. According to him, he asked Holthouse if he had heard any good stories about Bigfoot, and was truly shocked when his friend began to spin a truly bizarre and frightening tale.

According to Holthouse, back in the fall of 1993 he had gone up to what is called the Emerald Triangle, in Northern California, and which is the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States, in order to work undercover on a weed farm for a story. While working there, he claims that one day two men had pulled up in their truck and gone about in a state of panic and hysteria saying that they had been checking on one of the weed plots and found a bunch of plants broken off. As they had picked through the ruined, scattered plants, they had come across huge footprints of what they said were those of a Sasquatch, and then they had stumbled across the bodies of three men who had been ripped limb from limb savagely mangled by something very powerful. When Holthouse talked to other locals, they all said that a Sasquatch was often seen in the area, and that it was this beast who had killed the men. Holthouse would continue his undercover work and write his story, relegating the story of the Bigfoot murder to a corner of his mind but never really forgetting it.  Now, it had come back out into the open after not having spoken of it in years, and Rofé was hooked, saying of it:

It was interesting with David because, you know, it would be inaccurate to say he was haunted by it all of those years. But it was a story that—similar to how I almost was embarrassed to concede to myself that I wanted to pursue a Sasquatch story—was too weird to share with people or to pursue as a journalist, in his mind. As a documentarian, most of my things that I’ve done are really rooted in social issues, and now I’m going to go do a Sasquatch story? He had a similar thing as a journalist. Everything that he’d written about had very true and severe real-world implications for those involved. This was just that thing that you don’t tell people because it was too silly.

Rofé was absolutely mesmerized with Holthouse’s story, the idea of this triple murder rolled up into a tale of Sasquatch driving him to near obsession, and so he pushed forward with three-part documentary series that would document the Emerald Triangle, its tales of Bigfoot, and also serve as an investigation to these murders. He managed to get Holthouse on board with him, and so the two went about going up to this notoriously dangerous area in the hopes of finding the murky answers to a murder that may or may not have ever really happened at all, in a quest that would risk their lives for something that was in essence just a memory Holthouse had from years before, and Rofé would say of this:

We knew from the beginning that, in a way, we were pursuing a ghost story. We were pursuing a memory that David had, and a memory that was at times fuzzy and in other moments crystal clear. He was unsure when he was starting to embark on this if he was misremembering certain details.

The whole possibly misguided thing would begin as more focused on the legend of Sasquatch, with them trying to uncover any legends in the region or stories of Sasquatch killing people, and the documentary would start off more cryptozoological in nature, but this would quickly change and go off down a much darker path leading them into a cannabis underworld populated with criminals and killers. Rofé says of this:

The quirkier side of this is really where it begins. David started his investigation looking into the world of Bigfoot believers. He figured that there’s gotta be somebody in that world who’s heard this legend of a Sasquatch murdering people. So that was where he started, and our story starts there in this place that is more open to something perhaps supernatural, something a bit quirkier—but the turns that it takes even via the Sasquatch believers, it just keeps getting darker and darker.

Their investigation would last for around a year, with scattered individual trips to the region typically lasting between 4 and 7 days, during which time they scraped at the underbelly of the region’s pot farms, cannabis underworld, and other nefarious criminal elements. Besides interviewing Sasquatch witnesses, they also interviewed locals about the pot farms, met with shady characters both in person and on the phone, and poked around in an area notorious for being hostile to outsiders, especially those sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Violence and even death were an ever present, very real possibility and threat, a specter they could not escape and which followed them around wherever they went. Rofé has explained this ever-present danger during the shoot in an interview with Esquire:

I’d never pursued something that was an active investigation before. And so that right away, set it apart. And I’d never been to a place that was so potentially dangerous. There was nothing like being in the woods and going to somebody’s house and not knowing if you were going to be set up or not. And then even a step further and a step removed from even my experience, there were times when David… I mean, I was never alone out there. There were times when David, the only way he was going to be able to go somewhere, was completely alone and without us. And he did that a lot. And so a lot of times, my fear was really surrounding, is David going to be okay? And he would tell you himself that there were times where he didn’t know what the answer to that question was going to be. And that question wasn’t answered until he was out of those situations. Our guard was up the whole time. We always felt like we were overstaying our welcome, even though we intended not to. Yeah, it was a spooky experience for sure.


There were a few times when people made it clear to us that they didn’t want us to film when we were filming. There was one time where David was going to go meet somebody on his own, a new source, and it went from a broad daylight meeting in a public place to a close-to-midnight meeting in a private location after a few changes. When he got there, there were eight other people he didn’t know were going to be present. That was a tense night. They wanted to drive him three hours away in the middle of the night to yet another location to talk to someone who had a crucial piece of information. That whole night, any time David could sneak away, he was texting me with updates, just to have a record of where he was and what was happening. I didn’t know which way it would shake out. We had a few nights like that, where we didn’t know if he’d be leaving the place he’d gone to. Going into making the series I had no idea how much trauma was in those woods. Both historical and ongoing. What goes on out there is truly sinister. We were lucky to make it out alive.

In the end, they were able to make their 3-part series called Sasquatch, which aired on the streaming platform Hulu and chronicles the whole harrowing experience. Although they never do solve the crime, it is nevertheless a fascinating mix of Bigfoot and true crime. As for Rofé, he says that this documentary has truly stuck with him like no other, not only because of the danger involved, but also because it has given him a newfound sense of respect, awe, and fear for the remote forests of our world. He has explained of this:

I didn’t even grow up going camping. This was all new to me, and the thing that stuck with me was how massive the forest really is. If you’re out there long enough, you go deep enough into that forest that you can’t hear the cars any more, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a brontosaurus walk by. Anything could be hiding in there. It’s prehistoric, and that’s a powerful thing. In a way I wasn’t before I embarked on this weird adventure, I am now truly afraid of the woods.

It is all a pretty compelling look into a man on a mission, and an intriguing mash-up of Bigfoot, true crime, and mysterious places. What was going on here, and what substance do these mysterious deaths have? Will here ever be more information on any of this, or is this all we are left with? It is all a fascinating experiment and documentation melding real life horror with that which lies beyond our understanding, and if might be worth taking a look into the documentary to see what you think.

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US Congressman Listened to Nimitz Tic Tac UFO Encounter As It Happened

We’ve read and heard plenty about the so-called Tic Tac UFO encounter in 2004 between pilots from the USS Nimitz and a pill-shaped unidentified aerial phenomena whose performance defied current technology and whose identity has not been confirmed, despite both media and Pentagon investigations. It’s a safe bet that most people believe there’s much, much more to this story. For example, although it was kept hidden from the American public for over a decade, a current member of Congress recently revealed when he learned about it … he was there when it happened!

“It was about 100 miles or so away from me, so I heard a lot of the communications going on.”

Representative Mike Garcia (from his website)

Meet Mike Garcia, a US congressional representative from California. Garcia was first elected to Congress in 2020, so he obviously wasn’t there when the USS Nimitz UFO incident occurred. Where was he? According to an interview in Roll Call, in 2004 Naval Officer Mike Garcia was an F/A-18 pilot from the USS Nimitz. Not only that, Garcia admits he was in the air at the time of the encounter, 100 miles away, and listened in on the conversations between those pilots and the ship.

“It was one of those things that you couldn’t believe it when you heard it. The guys who actually saw it weren’t allowed to talk about it until just recently, so we couldn’t even ask questions.”

Garcia, fresh from a six-month deployment as part of the 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom, was an experienced F/A-18 pilot. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, he eventually accrued over 1,400 hours of operational flight time over the course of nearly 20 years of military service. In other words, he sounds like the perfect representative of Congress – both literally and figuratively – to head up the latest UAP commission, keep the public informed, keep Congress informed, etc. And yet, he seems to have slipped through the cracks like a wet Tic Tac. Roll Call tried to pin him down on the Nimitz incident.

“I’m intrigued by it. I don’t know that it’s extraterrestrial — I do believe it’s man-made. And I’m not going to presuppose where it comes from, but I hope it’s American-made. It goes to show that we’ve got to continue to invest in our military technologies and not take it for granted that we are the only superpower out there. We have peer threats out there nowadays, not just near-peer threats. China and Russia have advanced capabilities that we don’t even know about.”

F/A-18 Hornet

Should we really believe that an experienced fighter pilot who was in the air during the Nimitz incident who is now a member of the US Congress has not used that position to find out what those Tic Tacs really are identified as in the secret files we all know exist somewhere in the X-files of the government and the Pentagon?

“I do think it would be an amazing coincidence if we were the only life forms in this universe. That’s why we’ve got to invest in space programs to start answering some of these questions we all have and maybe one day see the extension of God’s creations on other planets.”

It doesn’t take long after they’re elected for members of Congress to memorize the pat answers to tough questions. Representative Mike Garcia may be a good congressman, a good family man and a good guy – but he doesn’t appear to be a good inside man for UFO disclosure. Why has he waited until now to reveal his own experience in the incident? To paraphrase Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator Lloyd Bentsen to Republican vice-presidential candidate Senator Dan Quayle in a debate in 1988:

We knew House Speaker Harry Reid. Harry Reid is a friend of ours. Congressman Garcia … you’re no Harry Reid.

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Ghost Nun, SpaceX Spaceballs, Stolen Sasquatch and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 20, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — September 20, 2021

During the parachuting descent of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission, mission specialist Chris Sembroski watched the movie “Spaceballs” on a tablet attached to his spacesuit, which Elon Musk later tweeted was his on of his favorite movies. And his favorite quote was probably Lone Starr saying to Barf, “Listen, we’re not just doing this for money. We’re doing it for a s*** load of money!”

Experts from the Paris Brain Institute found that when people listen to stories, they subconsciously synchronize their heart rates with the narrative and each other. Don’t try this with your medical school roommate while listening to a lecture on hearth attacks.

A nature photographer on a walk in Lesueur National Park near Jurien Bay in Western Australia’s Mid West accidentally discovered a new carnivorous sundew flower which uses its leaves to attract, capture and swallow flies and other insects. Horticulturalists working to come up with a name warn that it’s extremely rare but haven’t decided yet if it’s musical or movie worthy.

In a new study, food experts cooked 3D-printed foods in conventional ovens and with lasers and found that laser-cooked meat shrinks 50% less, retains double the moisture content, and shows similar flavor development to conventionally cooked meat. This won’t catch on until you can use a laser sword to make grill marks on your 3D steaks.

Bigfoot bandits stole a huge Sasquatch statue from outside Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and the owner is offering a no-questions-asked reward of $1,000 and a free sandwich for its return. If it was stolen by a lovelorn Bigfoot looking for a sex doll, that’s a tough decision.

Freddy Goodall, a 23-year-old property developer from Sussex, England, found a hidden doorway in his family’s 500-year-old estate which led to a previously unknown secret labyrinth of underground tunnels. Do secret tunnels add to the square footage and raise your property taxes?

A photo taken just outside an old Civil War army hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shows what appears to be a ghost that some people think belongs to a military nun from the Civil War. Military nuns probably carried yardsticks that doubled as shotguns.

Researchers at the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology are analyzing a 50-milligram rock sample obtained during the country’s Chang’e-5 lunar return mission to determine if it contains the helium-3 isotope, which could be a viable fuel for fusion power plants on the Moon. If the idea of human-designed nuclear plants on the lunar surface doesn’t bring out the giant Moon people stomping on every lander they can find, nothing will.

A Wyoming woman appears to have caught a case of the rare pneumonic plague from one of her house cats. That strange whooshing sound you hear is the collective “Tsk-tsk” from dog people.

Experts at Statistics Netherlands announced that while the Netherlands remains the tallest nation in the world, Dutch women born in 2001 are on average 1.4 cm shorter than those born in 1980, while for men the decline is 1 cm, and while they’re not sure of the exact cause, most think it’s due to poor nutrition. Good luck getting the Dutch to add kale to their hot cocoa.

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The Mysterious Cursed Wreck of the Andrea Doria

Back in its day, the SS Andrea Doria was a source of pride for its native country of Italy. Ported in Genoa and launched in 1951, it was a 697-foot luxury ocean liner that was decked out with all of the frills, including three outdoor swimming pools, and was widely known for its numerous works of art, such as paintings, tapestries, murals, and even a life-sized bronze statue of the ship’s namesake, the 16th-century Genoese admiral Andrea Doria. Such magnificent art was so ubiquitous on the ship that it earned the vessel the nickname “The Floating Art Gallery,” and at a time when Italy was trying to rebuild in the aftermath of World War II the SS Andrea Doria was a source of national pride and symbol of renewal, being the largest, fastest, and most opulent in the entire country, complete with the most state-of-the-art technology and safety features available at the time. However, there were dark days ahead for the venerable vessel, and it would go on to become one of the biggest sea tragedies in the world, as well as a place rumored to hold dark forces and curses about it to this day.

On 25 July 1956, the Andrea Doria was on a routine run towards New York City, along with 572 crewmembers and 1,134 passengers. By this point, the liner already had an admirable service record, having made 100 successful transatlantic crossings, and was under the commend of Captain Piero Calamai, a seasoned veteran of both World War I and World War II, so there wasn’t at the time any reason to think that this voyage would be any different. On this day, at around 10:30 a.m., the Andrea Doria was being approached from the opposite direction by the Swedish liner the Stockholm, and both vessels were traveling a bit too fast and recklessly for the foggy conditions in such a heavily trafficked sea lane, both trying to shave off time from their voyages to reach their destinations on time. At some point the two vessels became aware of each other on radar, but through some misunderstanding or error, the Andrea Doria steered towards the incoming Stockholm rather than away from it, sending them on a collision course.

The Andrea Doria

By the time they figured out the error, it was too late. The Andrea Doria and the Stockholm collided practically head-on, despite all efforts to evade at the last second. The Stockholm had been fitted with a robust ice-breaker bow that easily shredded right through the other vessel and mortally wounded it to leave a huge gaping gash and mess of twisted metal. The Andrea Doria began to list immediately, leaving half of its lifeboats underwater before the shocked crew and passengers had really even had time to process what had happened, Fortunately, the ship managed to stay afloat for 11 hours, which combined with the high traffic of the area, high-tech safety features, and top-of-the-line communications systems ensured that the rescue went as smoothly as could be expected. Nevertheless, 46 people met their fate aboard the Andrea Doria that day, as well as 5 aboard the Stockholm, mostly killed on the initial collision, and it would go on to became one of the most infamous maritime disasters of all time. The Stockholm would survive the ordeal and go onto be repaired and put into operation, but the Andrea Doria was lost, eventually going into its death throes to slip beneath the waves and come to rest in the murky depths in around 240 feet of water about 60 nautical miles from Nantucket on the border of the continental shelf, practically teetering on the edge of an abyss. No official blame or cause of the collision was ever established, but the Andrea Doria would become well-known for other mysteries as well.

In the years after its sinking, the Andrea Doria became a very popular destination for divers, with its remote location, deep cold waters, strong currents, and the promise of treasures and historical artifacts proving to be an irresistible challenge for many, with anything found able to be kept due to the ship’s location in international waters and the fact that the owner of the shipwreck has never enforced its salvage rights over the wreck. The wreck has often been dubbed “The Mt. Everest of Wreck Diving,” and this seductive allure has drawn in divers from around the world looking to feed their egos and their pocket books, but the wreck has also gone on to be whispered about as a cursed place that swallows up all who would approach it.

The rumors stem from the fact that many who come here to investigate the wreck have been beset with numerous technical issues, freak accidents, or worse. Bad diving conditions and weather have supposedly suddenly descended on the area during dives, and faulty equipment and getting stuck in the deteriorating compartments of the ship itself have managed to cancel many dives, and it has even resulted in death. Indeed, the Andrea Doria has a rather sinister reputation for taking lives, with an estimated 18 people losing their lives here since 1956 while trying to explore the wreck. One some occasions, people have just straight up vanished, such as expert diver Tom Pritchard, who mysteriously disappeared while trying to explore the Andrea Doria in 2015. Such a high rate of deaths have caused speculation that there is some sort of sinister force pervading the wreck, but most experts have explained it as being merely the result of the dangers inherit to such a remote and difficult dive. Diver Steve Bielenda, who has made many excursions out to the wreck, explains of this:

It’s an inanimate object. It does nothing to you. It’s the diver — the equipment, what they do, and their health. It’s not really any more dangerous than any other wreck. It’s just an inanimate object laying on the bottom of the ocean. But any dive, regardless of its depth or location, can be dangerous. The wreck becomes dangerous because of its depth and the attitude of the diver. And then factor in health issues, and then factor in that you’re dependent upon equipment. You have to work your way in, keeping your buoyancy so you’re not touching the bottom or the walls and everything. The wreck is falling apart. It’s an underwater junk pile. And then take that underwater junk pile and cover it with sea anemones, dirt, and marine growth. So it’s like an underwater garbage pail that you’re diving into. It’s eventually going to be undriveable.

The depths involved and the cold dark conditions also mean that even expert divers with the best equipment only have a small window within which to operate, with a typical Andrea Doria dive only lasting around 15 minutes. During these forays, they have to utilize strobe lights on the moorings in order to help them find their way out, as well as hook lines fastened to themselves. Many of the divers who have died here did so when their lines got tangled, or when they got lost in the labyrinthine interior of the ship or panicked and lost their mouthpieces. There are a million things that can go wrong at a wreck like this, so it is likely that this is just a dangerous wreck that has attracted stories of curses due to its rather tragic history. Is it cursed? Who knows? It is likely just a largely unreachable wreck attracting a spooky lore around it, but it is still a rather fascinating glimpse into history and a wreck that had become notoriously difficult to safely approach.

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New Study Finds Prehistoric Humans Rarely Mated With Their Cousins

A popular sarcastic explanation for human behavior is: “This is what happens when cousins marry.” It works so well that it may go back to our prehistoric ancestors. If they used it, they were wrong – new research finds that ancient humans rarely chose their cousins as mates. Did they know something we don’t about genetics … or was it just because royal families hadn’t been invented yet?

“Parental relatedness of present-day humans varies substantially across the globe, but little is known about the past. Here we analyze ancient DNA, leveraging that parental relatedness leaves genomic traces in the form of runs of homozygosity.”


In a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany and the University of Chicago explain how they searched previously published DNA data from ancient humans that lived during the last 45,000 years for signs of “homozygosity” — possessing two identical forms of a particular gene, one from each parent, indicating the parents were closely related. Using DNA from 1,785 individuals, they applied new techniques to compensate for the DNA being so old. The results surprised them.

“In a global dataset of 1,785 individuals only 54, that is, about three percent, show the typical signs of their parents being cousins. Those 54 did not cluster in space or time, showing that cousin matings were sporadic events in the studied ancient populations. Notably, even for hunter-gatherers who lived more than 10,000 years ago, unions between cousins were the exception.”

A mere three percent showed signs of the parents being cousins, even among recent hunter-gatherers whose choices for mates were limited. The analysis also confirmed what had been assumed – switching from hunter-gatherer to an agricultural society caused populations to boom, resulting in more mating choices outside of the immediate family – a trend that happened worldwide.

I need to settle down.

So, is the “This is what happens when cousins marry” insult outdated? Not by a long shot. Anthropologists estimate more than ten percent of all global marriages occur among first or second cousins. The practice is most common in people of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Middle Eastern origin. Some religions allow first cousin marriages (Protestantism, Islam, Judaism and some forms of Hinduism), while others ban it up to sixth cousins. Governments banning it include China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines and 24 of the 50 United States. (Before you call your cousin, check on your state here.) And, despite all of the jokes and suspicious behavior, inbreeding within royal families has been extremely rare for centuries –even they know about homozygosity.

Despite costing us a good insult, it’s good to lose homozygosity. Perhaps we should lose a few mores insults too … although a good one still beats fighting, shooting and murder. Here’s a classic from Mae West:

“His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.”

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Evidence of a Prehistoric Clothing Production Site in a Moroccan Cave

Prehistoric bone tools found in a Moroccan cave may be one of the earliest examples of a clothing production site. The tools, which date back about 120,000 years, were discovered at Contrebandiers Cave on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

Approximately 12,000 bone fragments were discovered at the archaeological site with over 60 of them belonging to animals that were turned into tools that ancient humans could have used to process leather and fur.

The tools could have been used to make fur clothes.

In an interview with ScienceAlert, Emily Hallett, who is an anthropologist at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany, explained, “Organic materials such as leather and fur are extremely unlikely to preserve in deposits that are this old, so as archaeologists we are left with pieces of evidence that include tools and the bones from animals that preserve skinning marks,” adding, “We can put these pieces of evidence together and suggest that humans were using bone tools to prepare leather and fur that was likely used for clothing.”

While it’s quite probable that the leather was used for clothes, experts aren’t entirely certain as Hallett noted, “These bone tools could have been used to prepare leather for purposes other than clothing, such as storage devices.” On the other hand, clothing made from leather and fur would have been very beneficial to ancient humans who were migrating out of Africa into different climates.

The leather (and food) would have come from several bovid species as their remains were found in the cave as explained by Hallett, “Hartebeest, aurochs, and gazelle bones were found in high abundance in the cave, and these animals were also consumed by humans, because there are cut marks associated with meat removal on their bones.”

The tools could have been used to make leather clothes.

As for the fur, the experts found three carnivorous species with skinning marks on their remains – golden jackal, wildcat, and Rüppell’s fox. “The cut marks on these carnivore bones are restricted to areas where incisions are made for fur removal, and there are no cut marks on the areas of the skeleton associated with meat removal,” she said. Their study was published in the journal iScience where it can be read in full.

Some experts believe that the making of clothes began in Africa as far back as 170,000 years ago, so the tools found in Contrebandiers Cave could very well have been used to produce fur and leather clothing. A picture of one of the tools can be seen here.

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