Pedophile Priest Claims His Victim Was Impregnated By Holy Spirit

A catholic priest from the Boston area who is accused of impregnating an 11-year-old girl says he is not responsible for the pregnancy and that the child was born of the « Holy spirit ».

Pedophile Priest Claims His Victim Was Impregnated By Holy Spirit

The parents of the 11-year-old girl are accusing Father Andrew Conaughey, 26, of the St-Augustine Catholic Church of having impregnated their daughter.

Father Conaughey claims in his defense that the whole event is a miracle and denies any involvement in the pregnancy.

Father Conaughey also refused to hire the services of a professional lawyer and defended himself in court, pleading he was guilty of no crime.
« This little girl has been blessed by the Holy Spirit. It is a miracle of God, there can be no other explanation, » he told judge Harrison in court.
« The Lord has blessed this young girl with his Grace and all should celebrate the return of the prophet, » he pleaded in his defense.

The Boston Police Department presently has detained the suspect over several charges of sexual abuse against minors after other victims have also come out against the priest according to Boston police commissioner, William Evans

If Father Conaughey is proven guilty of the reported 26 charges of sexual abuse against minors, he could serve a prison sentence of up to two hundred and fifteen years according to Massachusetts state law admit legal experts.



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