Missing Man Reappears After 51 Years And Claims He Was Abducted By Aliens

Springfield, Missouri | A man who was reported missing in April 1966 mysteriously reappeared yesterday after decades of absence.

71-year old Walter Cromwell just showed up at his parent’s former residence, which now belongs to his sister, saying he had just been released by his “aliens captors” after years of detention.

The elderly man claims he was kidnapped while he was coming home from work and taken in an alien spaceship.

Mr. Cromwell was then drugged and taken to some type of research facility where aliens scientists performed many experiments on him.

“They kept taking blood samples, injecting me with various products and inserting instruments in my body cavities.”
He says the aliens spent more than 50 years collecting genetic samples and manipulating his DNA.
“At the beginning, they would perform dozens of tests per day. It gradually went down to less than ten experiments per year.”
Walter Cromwell says he doesn’t know why he was kept for so long or why he was released. He says his captors suddenly released him from his cell and took him on a ship back home without giving any explanations.

Mr. Cromwell’s sister Evelyn says she’s accepted his story and his happy to have her brother back after all these years. The siblings spent hours looking at childhood pictures and sharing memories.

The 71-year old man was interviewed last night by the Springfield Gazette, and the interview caused a lot of reactions on the social media, both positive and negative.

Some readers called for the government to offer a financial compensation to the victims of alien abductions like Mr Cromwell, while others were bluntly calling him a fraud or a liar.

As for Walter Cromwell, he says he’s ready to undergo any necessary test to prove that his story is true.
‘I’ve done thousands of tests in my life, so one more won’t kill me. Do your worst, I can take it!”
The old man says he’s just happy to be home with his sister, as well as thousands of miles away from his former captors.


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