Did Curiosity Rover Kill This Humanoid On Mars?

Here we have a very interesting discovery made by Joseph Gormanly of Mars Alive Facebook Group.

in this video we see 2 types of humanoid beings, I have mentioned this in previous videos, there are various sizes of life forms on Mars.

The smaller humanoid, we can see that he is holding something in his hand, looks like a gun or some type of weapon?

the larger being is down flat on his face. Did the Rover kill this small humanoid Being?

 Did Curiosity Rover Kill This Humanoid On Mars?

With the cost of 2.5 billion US, it wouldn't surprise me if NASA has equipped Curiosity Rover with some kind of self-defense weapon so that no life form gets too close and tries to disable the rover.

NASA always adds a fake yellowish color tint on top of all their images so that everything blends into the environment, so that nothing out of the ordinary stands out. to make everything just look like rocks laying around on the surface of Mars, they want us to believe Mars is dead and dry.


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