Aliens, Satanic Cults, Government? Cattle Mutilation For 40 Years Stumps FBI And Farmers

FBI investigation into cattle mutilation has stalled but it’s still going on. Could aliens be to blame?

In the 1970s, America’s farming community was stricken by a serious of hideous fatal mutilations on cows which many people strongly believe were linked to sinister extraterrestrial activity. According to reports, this bizarre and frightening phenomenon is still going on today and no one has been able to offer a thorough explanation as to why.

Aliens, Satanic Cults, Government? Cattle Mutilation For 40 Years Stumps FBI And Farmers

In the early 1970s, farmers from all over the United States but primarily in the states of South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas and Nevada began to report similar and serious cattle mutilation cases. The animals had not only been murdered but had been killed in particularly gruesome ways.

The internal organs of the animals had been removed, including their eyes, noses, tongues, hearts, livers, anuses and genitals. Sometimes the bodies of the animals had also been exsanguinated. As though this was not bizarre enough, it appeared that the injuries caused to the animals had been perpetuated with laser technology.

Following numerous disturbing reports of this nature, the FBI opened an investigation but the investigators did not manage to get very far as they lacked jurisdiction in the vast majority of the cases. A representative from the FBI claimed that at the time there was no federal law overseeing animal mutilation which meant that the agency was forced to abandon their investigation into the gruesome events.

While the FBI never managed to reach a conclusion about what was causing the spate of cow slayings, many of the farmers involved in the incidents believe that it was caused by extra-terrestrials. Many of the events were preceded by UFO sightings or people witnessing discs or balls of floating light.

In 1973, a farming couple named Ron and Paula Watson witnessed two small silver beings close to one of their cows in in Springfield, Missouri. Paula said that the cow appeared to be unconscious as the aliens probed it and that they eventually took it into their spacecraft and departed. The theory that the mutilations were perpetuated by alien beings has been given further credence as the injuries were carried out using localised lasers which were not available to humans at the time.

Many people who have been victims of this kind of event have noted that there tends to be a presence of government helicopters in the area immediately after an animal mutilation which has suggested to them that the government were aware of the alien activity.

However, according to the author and investigative journalist Christopher O’Brien there may be something else afoot. O’Brien, who has investigated 200 cases of cattle death, has said that the supposed laser burns may have actually been caused by the process of decomposition after the cow dies. He said that when cows decompose, then the vegetable matter contained in their four stomachs caused them to bloat.

The moisture is then expelled from the body which causes the animal to deflate, leaving the exposed injuries to become dark and hardened in a way which can appear to be a burn. But despite the fact that he is not convinced that the injuries were caused by laser burns, he has said that at least forty of the cases he personally investigated were certainly carried out by a being with intelligence and it is perhaps the case that otherworldly activity should not be ruled out entirely.

Since the blitz of cattle mutilation cases in the United States in the 1970s, things appeared to have calmed down in the country. However, there are still bizarre reports of this kind of slaying with the most recent case being in 2016. According to O’Brien, whoever is carrying out these gruesome animal murders appears to have moved southwards with a number of cases of hideous cattle mutilations being reported in recent years in Brazil and Argentina.

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