Mysterious: What's The Story Behind The 'Two-Headed Giant' From Patagonia?

There's plenty of talk regarding the existence of giants here on Earth during ancient times. Many believe that a race of gigantic humanoids was scattered throughout the world and was feared for their brute might

These giants have been mentioned in many ancient texts from cultures around the world. The origins of these beings are either considered divine or demonic.

Many giant skeletal remains have been unearthed, but some have been proved to be merely hoaxes. But other discoveries are indeed not and are quite mind-boggling.

One such find is the Kap-Dwa giant, a massive humanoid with two heads. Sounds like something out of a Tolkien book!

Mysterious:  What's The Story Behind The 'Two-Headed Giant' From Patagonia?

The mummified giant can be found in The Antique Man Ltd among a bizarre looking collection. The origin of the giant is not clear, but some say that it was captured by Spanish explorers somewhere in Patagonia. The giant then tried to escape and was killed by the Spaniards.

Could all this be fabricated or is it authentic?

Watch the following video to know more!

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