Time Traveller Van Gogh? Shocking Photos Show Famous Artist 'Alive' in Egypt

Time traveling is a sensitive topic, where all sorts of theories regarding it's rules come in all formats. We know that time travelling to the past could bring about drastic change to our current timeline, but there's also other theories where different timelines could be created without interfering with our current one.

But what if, a time traveler from thr past came into the future? It wouldn't break the rules as much as traveling to the past, because a temporal butterfly effect wouldn't happen.

There have been several strange accounts of people from the past being regarded as time travelers, with stories and pictures showing these same people with peculiar cloths that don't fit the time's standard fashion, or strange devices that seem to advanced for the time.

One such time traveler from the past that shocked people recently is one of the most surreal and famous painters in history, Vincent Van Gogh.

Watch the following video to know more!

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