Romanian Generals Emil Strainu Confirms Reptilian ETs

Romanian General (retired), an expert in radiolocation (radar technology) and Doctor in geophysical war.

Currently, he occupies the following positions:
  • "Advisor of the Romanian Parliament on unconventional issues and asymmetrical threats."
  • “Director of The Special Situations and Research Center on UFOs and Psychotronics.”
  • "Founder of the Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena."
  • The author of dozens of esoteric books.

This high-ranking officer assures that reptilian aliens exist and he recounts a trip made in the mountains where at a service station he and another colleague saw inside a jeep parked a huge green-colored reptilian alien in military attire.

He also recounts that during the trip they saw him again and that they took photographs that unfortunately all went blank.

Although he is a high-ranking officer considered by the Romanian government as a man of value his history has caused him to fall into disrepute and has been haunted by his testimony of the facts he witnessed.


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