'Pterodactyl' Seen In Sky Over Alaska

The word pterodactyl comes from the Greek: ptero, which means "wing", and dactyl, which means "finger." However, the name pterodactyl is as it is popularly known these giant flying reptiles of the Jurassic.

Paleontologists say that pterodactyls were extinct 65 million years ago. But did they really disappear completely? Pilots, doctors and explorers who claim to have seen with their own eyes insist that creatures exist ...

A bird described by witnesses as being as a big as a light aeroplane and looking like a pterodactyl was this weekend becoming Alaska's version of the Loch Ness monster. News of the "bird" broke after sightings by a bush pilot, his passengers, and a bulldozer operator on the ground below. It had previously been spotted by villagers in the remote south-western corner of Alaska.

Alaska is one of the 50 states of the United States and the largest in territorial extent, being larger than the American states of Texas, California and Montana combined. It is also the most sparsely populated state in the United States, with a population density of 0.42 hab / km², the lowest among all 50. It has fewer inhabitants than any American state except Wyoming, North Dakota and Vermont. If it were an independent country, Alaska would be the 17th largest country in the world in territorial extension. Relatively isolated from the rest of the country, it is considered part of the Pacific States.

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