Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predict Lady Gaga Super Bowl Half Time Show

The Simpsons are starting to freak us out a bit.

The Simpsons are starting to freak us out a bit.

The Simpsons predicted that Lady Gaga would perform the Super Bowl‘s halftime show back in 2012.

The long-running cartoon, that also said Donald Trump would one day be president back in 2000, even had the singer floating from the stadium roof in a harness.

In the episode called Lisa Goes Gaga, she also plays the piano and wears knee-high boots, just like the ones she wore on Sunday night.

Flames come out of her metal bra as she performs to an eager audience, while Bart and Lisa’s grandpa professes his love for her.

Gaga tore the roof off of NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday with one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows in history.

She also delivered a subtle message of inclusion and unity, and avoided targeting Donald Trump.

From the outset, Gaga served notice this was no ordinary performance – she began her performance from the lip of the stadium roof, an army of 300 drones forming a twinkling American flag in the sky.


By Rebecca Davidson, DailyMail


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