Bodies Of Mythical Creatures Discovered In The Basement Of Abandoned Mansion In The UK

Thousands of wooden boxes with mythical creatures and bizarre artwork were found in the basement of a mysterious mansion in the UK.

Thomas Theodore Merrylin was the former owner of the mansion. He was a Crypto-naturalist, Zoologist and Xeno-Archaeologist born in 1782 in Hellingshire, North England. Other than his curious hobby of collecting remains of uncatalogued or rare species, he is also remembered for his incredible lifespan of approximately 160 years.

While some specimens in this collection are clearly the product of human ingenuity, there are others that puzzle even the most skeptical of minds. Sketches and illustrations show that a thorough analysis had been performed on these fabled beings, but it also points out to a possible blueprint which served as a standpoint for creation.

In any case, the bizarre collection is sure to raise numerous questions. It cannot be dismissed as a forgery, nor pure artistic concept. So, if proven to be true, it will challenge numerous notions imposed by our modern culture.

Is it possible that such fabled creatures existed in a not-so-far-away past? If so, why would such an alternative reality be concealed from us?


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