Paranormal Entity Appears Out Of Nowhere During Eerie Full Moon

It's always a pretty great feeling to check out some of those paranormal images, videos or stories. The world is filled with strange phenomena that take us straight on a rollercoaster ride to the uncanny valley.

One great thing about the paranormal/supernatural are the uneasy feelings we get when something that shouldn't be there, that shouldn't actually exist.. is there right in front of us. One great notion we need to know about the subject of fear is that humans, and probably other species, are afraid of the unknown.

The fear of the dark isn't just the fear of not seeing anything, but the fear of not knowing what we will find lurking there.

Recently a mysterious figure was captured on camera resembling an elf/dwarf-like creature or perhaps another strange entity crossing over from another world.

Paranormal forums users are all shocked to how bizarre this creature is, and the fact that it casts a shadow on the ground makes it all weirder, meaning that it's not a camera glitch.

Watch the following video to know more!

Disclose TV


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