‘King Of The Pigs’ In China…..It’s So Big You Can Ride It Like A Cow

A 118-stone pig was crowned the ‘King of the Pigs’ this week at a weight contest in central China.

The animal is apparently so giant that it can carry an adult on the back, according to, a publication affiliated to People’s Daily Online.

Measuring 7ft long and 3ft 5in tall, the pig snapped the championship after beating dozens of pigs on January 8 in Henan province.

The contest, organised by a pig farming association in Huanghetan district of Zhengzhou city, attracted several local farms to send their hogs to participate.

The winner, weighing three-quarters of a tonne, is actually a female pig.

Her keeper, surnamed Zhang, said he had reared the pig for three years.

The animal eats a lot and has grown to the size of a cow, according to Zhang.

Huanqiu’s report used the title ‘the 118-stone King of Pigs is so big you can ride it like a cow’ to describe the animal’s sheer size.

All hail the ‘King of Pigs’: The animal became the champion after beating dozens of pigs

Let’s go for a ride! A woman sat on the back of the champion as the pig looked for food

A video posted to Youtube shows the newly crowned ‘King of Pigs’ carrying a woman on her back

Two Chinese characters ‘zhu’ and ‘wang’, which mean ‘pig’ and ‘king’ respectively, were written on the pig’s body.

The woman said: ‘I am not afraid of her. She is very gentle-tempered.’ The pig was nosing around for food next to the woman as she spoke.

An average adult pig weighs around 22 stone, according to a pig farmer, which is less than one-fifth of the weight of the winning pig.

Enormous: The pig has been raised for over three years, according to the pig’s farmer Zhang

The heaviest pig on record in China came from Liaoning Province in eastern China.

The hog, named ‘Ton Pig’ by its breeder Xu Changjin, weighed 141 stone and measured 8ft 2in long and 3ft 7in. He died in 2004 aged four.

The world’s heaviest pig so far was a Poland-China breed from Tennessee, USA.

Named Big Bill, the enormous animal weighed 182 stone and was 9 feet long and 5ft tall. The animal was recorded in 1933.

By Julian Luk, DailyMail


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