FLat Earth Evidence? Shock Moment When Amateur Rocket Collides With Earths's Glass Dome

One of the most mind bloggling theories that anyone has ever come up with has got to be the "Flat Earth Theory".

The idea of a flat shaped Earth is very ancient and spans many cultures, with the concept of a spherical world appearing at the time of Pythagoras.

The earliest cultures to mention the flat Earth model were the ancient Egyptian and the Mesopotamian.

According to this world model the Earth is surrounded by giant walls of ice, which is supposely the continent of Antarctica, and keeps living beings from crossing over. Beyond the icy region is the massive glass dome that encloses our world. The sun and the moon are also flat and they move around in a circular fashion, like a halo, around the world.


In modern times, there are still people who are convinced that the world is indeed flat and that there is a major conspiracy about hiding the real science behind our Universe from the public for unknown reasons.

Recently, a non-commercial rocket was sent into space and according to "flat-earthers" the evidence that everything that we have learned so far is a lie.

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