Woman Claims She Was Kidnapped By ‘Evil Gnomes And Goblins’ And Held Captive In A Cave

Some people make such outrageous claims about supernatural or extraterrestrial encounters that it’s difficult not to question their sanity. From being probed by aliens to ghost haunting, we’re raised to believe that such matters should be treated with the utmost skepticism.

There are times, though, when an individual is so utterly convinced that such a thing happened to them that it’s hard not to at least give their claims a second thought. That’s certainly the case for west Nicaragua resident Jasmina, who insists something straight out of a fantasy novel happened to her.

A resident of Monte Oscuro, Nicaragua, Jasmina claims that, as a child, she would often play outside with gnomes and goblins who would try to trick her into going into their cave.

Apparently one day, they kidnapped her and kept her captive in their dark cave for five days and six nights.

She adds that it was in this very hill that she was abducted. Jasmina then goes on to say that a local witch from her village helped her family rescue her.

Many people living in the area believe that several caves in the surrounding wilderness may, indeed, be inhabited by these magical creatures. After all, another child was supposedly kidnapped by goblins 15 years earlier.

The monsters are also believed to stay away from churches, preferring the darkness of caves and traveling from hill to hill at night.

Whatever the truth is behind this story, at least Jasmina is alive and well.

Whether or not you believe Jasmina’s story, it’s hard to deny how fascinating it is that so many people take her story at face value. Who’s to say that she wasn’t really kidnapped by evil goblins?



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