UFO In Camouflage Mode? Bizarre 'Spherical Cloud' Appeared In The Sky Over Japan

It is possible that clouds formation identification is the oldest form of science that has progressed greatly in the last ten years. Anyone who has ever looked at the day sky could say that no two are the same. Humans are obsessed with clouds from very young ages when they find pictures in the clouds that fit their imagination.

Because no two cloudy skies are the same, and because of the human fascination of clouds, finding and identifying cloud structures used to be difficult, but it is now quickly getting easier. People all around the world are doing scientific work, unknown to themselves. With every Instagram picture of clouds or a setting sun, data is being created.

Cloud types that might have come around once in fifty years in one area are being photographed all around the world. The clouds are still rare, but there are more people documenting them, so the data is becoming much less rare.

The first week of December 2016, brought some very interesting new data. A cloud shape appeared above Japan that was particularly odd. This cloud looked to be a perfect sphere.

This spherical cloud is pictured below:

These pictures were shot on Sunday afternoon, and pictures like it flooded the internet. It surely is a strange sight to see, and the people in Japan recognized this and photographed it abundantly.

These pictures were taken around Shonandai station in Japan, but it seems that this is not the first time that a cloud of this nature has been spotted.

Twitter user @NicoSpqy9ba9, or “Nico, ” posted pictures of a similar phenomenon in 2015, also in Japan, but not in Shonandai station. These pictures can be seen below.

Most scientists that have studied the pictures have come to the conclusion that the cloud is not nearly as interesting as it may seem. The believe that it is not any special cloud, but a regular cloud in the shape of something that looks like it is special. The evidence they have for this is how the cloud is seen from other perspectives.

The above picture is another angle of the cloud that was photographed on December 11th of this year. Because this picture is not also spherical, it can be inferred that this cloud is not shaped by any interesting or important wind currents or temperatures.

By far, the theory is that these photographers happened to be at the right place at the right time. This allowed them to take an extraordinary picture of an ordinary cloud.

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