Shock! Has The Exact Date For Biblical "End Of The World" Been Revealed?

Many of our world's cultures and religions hold writtings from a more ancient era, that speak of prophecies foretelling an eventual world ending event and the coming of a new age.

The biblical apocalypse is one the most notable examples, which is mentioned in the "Book of Revelations", and it's written with many cryptic passages with hidden meanings and symbolic scenarios.

Shock! Has The Exact Date For Biblical "End Of The World" Been Revealed?

There are mentions of seals to be opened and trumpets that will sound, which will bring a certain calamity upon the world. We can also read about great beasts, demons, dragons and the mighty "Four Horsemen" which are death and destruction omens.

Recently, claims about the date when "Second Coming Of Christ" will happen has surfaced. The year 2017 will have Jerusalem meet it's most difficult ordeal ever, and 3 and a half years later, the prophesied "End of Days" will happen.

How does the math add up?

Watch the following video to know more!

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