Police Are Now Allowed To Kill Your Dog If It Moves Or Barks

Police get away with so much. Just turn on the news and how many shootings have occurred by police officers. It seems like this is a daily occurrence. Now the police can put shooting your beloved Toto in the same category. A recent court decision has ruled that it is okay to shoot barking dogs, but the decision has had a harsh backlash.

In the Washington Examiner, the Sixth Circuit Court ruled that Officer Christof Klein was allowed to shot Mark and Cheryl Browns' two dogs to death. The police were called to search the house for drugs. Officer Klein noticed one of the pit bulls starting to move slightly, figured it was "lunging" toward him and off the dog went to dog heaven. The first shot just injured the dog. The injured dog ran down to the basement to hide in fear. The officer felt he could not clear the house safely with the dogs in the basement. When the officer went down to the basement, this caused the dogs to start barking and the officer shot more shots, fatally wounding the first dog.

The story does not stop there. Klein saw the second dog and started shooting it also. When he took a break from the video-game liking shooting, he noticed how in pain the dog looked and then made sure to finish killing the dog.

The newspaper article reports that the dogs' owners felt that it was a violation of their fourth amendment: unlawful property seizure. The court sided with Klein as the owners could not prove that the dogs did not bark or lung toward Officer Klein. The seizure of the dogs was appropriate. There you have it. No wonder blacks are shot so constantly. All a police officer has to do is say the victim flinched in front of him allowing the killing.

This brings to light that an adequate training is needed by the policy academy. They are obviously trained to react before a threat is immediate. If he had slowed down and stopped to see how the dogs were going to react, two dogs' lives could have been saved. I do not blame a police officer for the reaction to the pit bulls. My mom took a walk with our dog, and a pit-bull like dog lunged for them. That pit bull mangled my mom's finger and had our dog by it's neck. These dogs are dangerous, hence so many code violations where owners cannot own them, but again, sometimes slowing down and smelling the roses is what needs to happen.

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