Indian Woman Pronounced Dead From Cobra-Bite, Comes Back To Family After 40 Years

Bollywood is famous for producing movies with scenes that defy science and logic. Who knew you could kill people by slashing them with a… banana.

In India, an 82-year-old woman whom was presumed dead by her family for 40 years was reunited with her 2 daughters last Friday.

According to Times of India, the woman, Vilasa then 42-years old went to collect dried hay at a field when she was bitten by a black cobra back in 1976. Instead of hospital, she was brought to a traditional healer in the next village to seek for treatment.

Miraculously, Vilasa’s body floated on the surface and reached a village close to Kannauj district border. A boatman of Sarai Theku, Ramsaran saw her body and successfully revived her.

Unfortunately, Vilasa had lost her memories after she regained consciousness. She couldn’t remember where she lived, so the boatman sent her to live in the village temple. Just like that, she’s been residing there for 40 years.

But one day, Vilasa suddenly regained her memory and decided to return to her family and give them a “surprise”. Vilasa’s two daughter, Ram Kumari and Munni were shocked when they saw their mother standing outside the house on Friday.
“My mother said that she had lost her consciousness and her memory. A few days ago, she recalled the incident and narrated it to a girl who discussed the matter with her uncle. The girl’s uncle contacted one Chetram (82) who too recalled that he had attended Vilasa’s funeral. Later, Chetram contacted us and apprised us of the development” said the elder daughter Ram Kumari.
The younger daughter Munni added:

“We immediately recognized her from her birthmark.”

Being bitten by a black cobra, survived from immersion in water and united with her family after 40 years, Vilasa should be a legend.

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