Exposed: Global Elites' And Their Secret Trips To Antartica

Antarctica, a mysterious, icy, no man's land. Throughout history, mankind has led to believe that the continent holds no secrets. Evidently, new controversial evidence and research have proven Antarctica to be the base of a secret global cabal, holding immense power.


Whistleblowers have revealed that Antarctica hosts underground facilities belonging to a powerful government-extraterrestrial species alliance, involving the US, Russia, China and even aliens. The name of the alliance is the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), with many pointing out that its only one of the five major cabals of Earth.

History of the true exploitation of Antarctica began during the Third Reich when the Nazis began exploration as well as construction of a massive network of bases and linking tunnels in the 1930s. According to renowned conspiracy theorist Michael Salla, the expansion lasted well into the 1950s, with Antarctica being a haven for the Nazi elite fleeing the end of the Second World War. Fast forward to the modern age, Antarctica has grown into a special continent where the global elite holds powerful meetings and creation of secret space programs. Not many details are known about these programs, though whatever they are, the chilling effects on mankind it holds is enough to fuel many conspiracy theories on their contents.


Other theorists believe that the region is also headquarters of an elite alliance that is the global NWO-Illuminati of the Fourth Reich. The group, also known to be involved with secretive space exploitation, are said to be present (even in the South Americas) thanks to its links with the US government. The partnership has been going on since Operation Paper Clip when many top German scientists went to work for the US after Germany's loss in the Second World War.

A major concern for these secret groups being holed up in the continent is the involvement of extraterrestrial beings. Many whistleblowers have expressed theories that these mysterious beings are only exploiting the greed of the global elite to only further their technology for total world domination. Whether it may be humans or aliens, the fact that there exist secret programs in a barren wasteland like Antarctica proves that the Earth holds many secrets which have yet to be uncovered. Only time will tell if mankind will be fall to the rulings of these groups.


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