Close Encounter Of The Third Kind With An Ancient Astronaut In Fergana?

Known as The Man from Mars , this painting was discovered by archaeologist Guergui Chatsky , in the caves of Fergana in Uzbekistan, along with other paintings.

The Image was painted by a artist to illustrate the cover of a 1967 “Sputnik” magazine, which had been inspired among other stuff by the prehistoric paintings in the caves of Fergana with certain characteristics considered some ancient close encounter of the third kind.

In the foreground, to the left of the image, a strange and curious being, holding with a gloved hand a disc, in that differentiates a series of grooves on its surface.

By examining the image, it seems that it rather or also relates to the Dropas: Look at the disc with the spiral carving held by the cosmonaut and the high mountains. Fergana is only at some hundreds miles of Baya-Kara-Ulan.

Did the prehistoric people from Fergana caves had a close encounter of the third kind.

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