Atlantis Is Antartica And The Secret Of Greenwich

As announced on December 6, 2016 and after two years of research of Atlantis with the Great Pyramid of Khufu, here is the new evidence that we have discovered and which has enabled us to discover one of the best-kept secrets of this planet, that the Meridian of Greenwich, commemorates and secretly indicates the capital of Atlantis !

It was thanks to the discovery on the pyramids of Xian in China which were also correlated with Orion and the very precise longitude, which was a signature of the builders.

And after another research on the three pyramids of Caral in Peru, which are among the oldest in the world, we discovered that they were also correlated with Orion and a special longitude to Gizeh.

This desired and voluntary settlement indicated that the longitude of 31.13 ° west of Giza, corresponded to our current meridian of Greenwich.

Thanks to this discovery we re-examined the plan of the Great pyramid, and the extraordinary happened...


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