70 Ancient Metallic Books Are Proven Authentic And Could Change Religious History!

Every now and then we find a new book that can change our view about the world. And then there are books that defy the implemented notions of history. Mysterious ancient books and scrolls have been uncovered from the dusts of time when explorers and archaeologists explore the ruins of the old world.

These forgotten books most of the time tell of a very different version of our religious history, with the dead sea scrolls, the kolbrin bible, among many others.

Some time ago, 70 interesting metal books were found inside a cave in Jordan. These are known as the "Jordan Lead Codices".

These metallic folders contain ancient Paleo-Hebrew writtings that speak of the Messiah Jesus Christ and how he didn't create his own religion, but instead revived a thousand year old tradition from the time of King David. It also mentions that God is both Male and Female.

Watch the following video to know more!

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