Two 3KM Tall 'Twin Towers' Discovered Hidden In Moon's Sosigenes Crater! Who Built Them?

The conspiracy about the moon is no longer that humans never visited. In fact, most conspiracy theorists now believe that not only was the moon visited by the United States but also that there are alien lifeforms on the surface of the moon. This sounds crazy to some, but a lot have come around to the idea now that there are small amounts of evidence.

Twin Towers On The Moon

The claim that alien life is on and has visited the Earth’s moon helps theorists explain why there have been no manned missions to the moon in many years. Some believe that humans violated some treaty, and that is the reason they must not return. This theory coupled with the pictures that NASA themselves have released that include what appears to be non-human technology gives many people reasons to believe that there is life on the moon that standard humans are unaware of.

Another piece of evidence is the transcriptions from the first manned mission to the moon, where astronauts are quoted saying that they see strange, and in the depths of space unexplainable, lights. They also claim to see other beings, and the fear in their voices in the audio is good reason to make an audience believe that they are telling the truth.

A new piece of evidence has arisen. Buildings have been pictured on the moon. These buildings are two incredibly tall towers are identical and are approximated to be 3km tall or taller. This is taller than the largest building on Earth. This would make sense because the gravitational pull is less and the structure would need less fortification to stand that tall. That being said, it was still a shocking discovery.

This discovery only helps affirm those who believe that there has been alien life on Luna for quite some time, and no doubt there will be some further exploration of the subject.

More Anomalies Found On The Moon

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