The Mystery Behind The Missing Capstone Of The Great Pyramid!

The hidden secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza have intrigued explorers and experts for a long time.

There are probably many hidden chambers that are still left untouched which could give us a lead to the true purpose of this colossal pyramid.

But one mystery surrounding the mega structure is the fact that the capstone is missing. How come? Was there a capstone in the first place?

Some researchers say that the capstone may have been completely built in gold, so, if it was in fact made of such a solid material then how did they achieve on removing such a large massive piece with aproximately 9 meters in height?

Another theory suggests that the pyramid had a large sphere in it's summit, which served as a conductor of cosmic energy and would turn the pyramid into a massive power plant. The sphere could also be associated with the "Eye of Horus" and the brightest star in the sky "Sirius".

Watch the following video to learn more!

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