USA: Chinese Man Arrested For Eating Neighbor's Dog

San Francisco | A chinese man visiting his family in California became their neighbor’s worst nightmare when they found out days later that their missing dog had been eaten by the strange visitor.

The 34-year old plumber from Beijing that has since been arrested does not seem to have any grief over what he did to the couple’s favorite companion, a 7-year old german shepherd, which they’ve had since it was a puppy.

The man’s family has argued in his defense that in his country, it was common for him to eat dog meat and have acknowledged that it was not right to eat their neighbor’s dog without their consent. They have also offered to replace the dog with another one to help ease the pain of their loss.

“If I had known he was to suffer such a gruesome ordeal, we would’ve never picked him up at the animal shelter” explains the owner, still visibly under shock.
The neighbor’s discovered in horror that their dog had been slain by the neighbors when they witnessed the man of Chinese origin grilling what seemed to be pieces of dog meat onto the barbecue. “There were also pieces of fur we found lying on top of the garbage container, as if he wanted us to find them, or was oblivious to the fact that we cared about our dog other than being just a piece of meat” admitted the horrified neighbors.

Humphrey was given a proper burial even though the man had cooked large parts of the dog before police officers arrived on the scene and apprehended the perpetrator. “We buried the parts we could find, what a horrible mess” added the dog’s owner, fighting to contain her tears. “I just hope this awful man goes to prison for a long, long time” she added.

World News Daily Report


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