Detect Negative Energies And Malicious Entities Haunting You With A Glass Of Water

Maintaining an overall positive energy in ones home is vital for ensuring all members of the family are happy and healthy at all times. The presence of negative energy can quickly cause tensions and arguments. There are many different ways that have been written about to attempt to detect and eliminate these elusive negative energies, many are complicated, but one method simply involves using a glass of water.

A Glass of Water Can Detect Negative Energy In Your House

Water is a useful tool in this context because it relates to the way in which people absorb energy, both negative and positive. Every action in a person's life, as well as their interactions with others, has an effect on their energy and all these pieces combine to determine one's overall mood and how content they are. Negative energies have been linked to a range of mood disorders such as anxiety and depression that can quickly have a destructive impact on day to day life, so it is important to investigate and resolve the source of the negativity as quickly as possible.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify this source so it can be useful to have an arsenal of tricks to locate where the negative energy is emulating from. Vinegar, salt, and water are required as well as a large cup to mix them in. In equal parts (so 1/3 of the cup each) add the ingredients to the cup and mix well using a metal spoon or something similar. If one area of the building had been particularly eery or suspicious then, the glass should be placed in this location and covered with glad wrap. After leaving for at least 24 hours, it can be inspected to see if any signs of negative energy have been recorded. Marks on the outside of the glass or changes to the appearance of the liquid are examples, but any change to the glass or liquid is a good indicator that negative energy is emitting from nearby.


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