BIZARRE Crater On Unexplored Antarctic Region Could Be An ALIEN Base Or GIANT Creature!

The icy cold region of our world called Antarctic is teeming with mysteries and incredible stories. Numerous expeditions to the Antarctic has given us some incredible reports of strange phenomena and bizarre findings.

We have heard weird tales of strange lights and mysterious crafts appearing and flying by those cold regions. There are also stories of secret bases, mainly of Nazi origin, hiding beneath the thick layers of those icy mountains. And also accounts of strange technology that was supposely uncovered by explorers during these last decades.

Recently a strange land anomaly was spotted via Google Earth software, where it shows a strange crater next to 2 big mounds. Some UFOlogists think that the crater is revealing a secret alien base, other's think it's a gigantic creature living inside it.

The location of this bizarre hole is inside a big volcano crater, and it's been stated that this area was never investigated before!

Watch the following video to see more!

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