World War 3 Is Going To Begin On January 22 Next Year, Sinister Video Warns

With tensions rising between America and Russia, there have been a lot of serious and not-so-serious warnings about World War 3.

But very few of them have been quite this specific about when it’s going to begin.

A new YouTube video which was been watched 620,000 times is filled with conspiracy-theory fears - and an alarming prediction that the world is going to end on January 22 next year.

‘World War 3 has already begun,’ a voice intones. ‘They’re going to attempt this. Will you send your sons and daughters to fight - or will you at least speak out?’

But before you head for your doomsday bunker, it seems that the video is just an attempt to ‘cash in’ on current fears about conflict.

The YouTube video seems to be stolen wholesale from somewhere else, just with a date pasted over the top - a trend which began with apocalyptic predictions about the world ending this summer.

Basically, it’s a very good way to get clicks.

So, in summary, don’t be alarmed - World War 3 might happen one day, but it’s extremely unlikely to happen on January 22.


Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog


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