This Is It! Russia Deploys The Whole Northern Fleet To Syria For War

Russia launches largest military deployment since the Cold War. NATO officials have confirmed that the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov has sailed past Norway and appears to be heading in the direction of Syria.

— Senior Nato Diplomat Says Russia Is Deploying All of Northern Fleet and Part of Baltic Fleet to Reinforce Syria Campaign

— Deployment Is Russia’s Largest Naval Deployment Since End of Cold War – Nato Diplomat

— Deployment Will Increase Number of Russian Fighter Bombers in Syria, Moscow May Launch Final Air Assault on Aleppo in Two Weeks – Nato Diplomat

The lines are drawn

It is expected that the aircraft carrier and its cargo will arrive in Syria within a period of two weeks. The carrier was escorted by seven other Russian ships. This deployment represents the most powerful and largest Russian military issue since the Cold War. According to General Morton Haga Lunde, the head of the Norwegian military intelligence service, it is almost certain that this deployment “will probably play a role in the deciding battle for Aleppo.”

The impressive aircraft carrier Kuznetsov can carry more than fifty aircraft at any given time. The carrier is also equipped with state of the art Granit anti-ship cruise missiles. The others vehicles accompanying the carrier include the nuclear-powered battle cruiser, Peter the Great. The deployment also includes two large anti-submarine warships as well as four support vessels. According to a Norwegian Lockheed P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane, MiG-29 Fulcrum jets and combat helicopters can clearly be seen on the deck of the carrier.

It is believed that President Putin and the Russian armed forces intend to bring the battle for the opposition-controlled Aleppo to a close as soon as possible. Russia’s conduct in Aleppo has attracted stinging criticism from leaders across the world who have accused the Russians and their Syrian allies of crimes against humanity. The escalating verbal tussles between Russian and American officials has led some in Russia and Syria to fear that NATO forces may intervene in the Syrian conflict and act at counter-purposes to President Assad and President Putin.

Securing Aleppo before any form of NATO intervention occurs is considered to be tactically imperative for Assad and his allies. If this latest deployment is anything to go by the Russians are in earnest when it comes to achieving this goal.

Russia has made it clear that ANYONE who attacks Syria or attacks the Syrian government, will be engaged by Russian military forces which are operating inside Syria with the permission of the Syrian government.

So the lines are drawn. Will the US and NATO attack Syria or its President and start a war? We will all know within two weeks.

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