Shocking! Scientists Reveal The Universe Could Delete Itself At Any Moment!

The end of everything is nearing us all! Or perhaps not, but we won't know when it's here.

It's a mysterious universe we are living in, so magnificent and complex that researchers and experts have come up with hundreds of theories on how it originated, how it works and when it ends.

The infinite questions that we hold about the universe will keep us thrilled for the rest of our lives, and the universe will probably end before we can even figure it out.

We fear the universe will trigger either a Big Crunch or a Big Rip during it's course, colliding into a singularity state or ripping itself apart.

Scientists have revealed that the universe could delete itself, without anyone even noticing it. Experts believe that our universe has reached it's lowest state with every particle in existence except for the "Higs Field".

Watch the following video to know more!

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