Recent Footage Shows Demonic Dragon Photobomb!

Here be dragons! Since ancient times we hear stories and legends of dragons and brave knights sent to slay said beasts seeking heroic fame or treasure. Dragons have many different characteristics depending on the culture, for example western dragons have large wings and easter dragons are more serpent like. But whatever appearance they had, the beasts were accounted as terrifying and extremely durable with super thick scaled skin. They were also known to be keepers of relics and treasure.

But these were just legends from old dark times, right? Well apparently not!

Recently footage of a dragon went viral on the internet showing the creature flying above some mountains, supposely located near Laos, China.

Some days later, footage of a man showing his family some holiday photos with one particular picture of a demonic looking dragon photobombing the view.

Conspiracy theorists were sent on a frenzy because of these recent sightings.

Watch the following video to know more!

Disclose TV


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